4 thoughts on “Eat This Hot Show #104 Dul-CHE”

  1. I had to think about when Wanda almost accidentally
    poisoned Chauncey with chocolate back in the day, therefore I’m not
    overly convinced she should adopt a dog…

  2. Completely agree with Vera. If only one issue was going to
    get action, it’s unfortunate it was DADT. Not sure why anyone is
    celebrating that GLBT soldiers can now be out, loud and proud while
    killing innocent people in Pakistan and Afghanistan. I also wish
    all the effort and political capital had been focused on another
    broader issue, such as civil rights for all.

  3. I found Madge’s story of the Americans at the European AIDs
    ride telling. Americans can be very generous, but they rarely give
    quietly. My work in philanthropy and fundraising in the US makes me
    want to share a couple of things we know. Most US donors want
    recognition and that costs. The lower dollar donors cost the most
    to an organization because they often want promotional…crap. . We
    often try to educate donors to the fact that accepting the crap
    reduces the power of their gift, but many want it…and it works.
    Its a breath of fresh air when a donor lets us know that it just
    seems wasteful and we can tailor requests to cut out the extra
    expenses. Some demand it. I won’t let the well-heeled donors off
    easily either. Its generally the new money folks that require a
    gala at a posh hotel ballroom, to write the big check. Typically a
    donor underwrites the cost of these events but it’s a shame they
    are necessary when the money could be used better in the programs.
    It looks like branded plastic iPhone chargers, t-shirts, tote bags
    walk-a-thons, and pink jets are here for a while. Keep up the great
    work guys!

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