7 thoughts on “Eat This Hot Show #103 President Palin and the CoCo Puff Nation”

  1. Loved the conversation ladies! Yes Julian Assange (wikileaks) vs. Mark Zuckerberg (facebook) for Time’s person of the year. Says a lot about us. Have a look at what the creator of the web, Sir Tim Berners-Lee thinks about the web and democracy. “Here is this system a lot of our society depends on — democracy depends on it, commerce depends on it. We should probably watch it to make sure it’s stable.”

    On the subject of news outlets . . . this makes me think back to something that Madge said a long time ago (sorry, unfair I know Madge). I recall she once said something like, Democracy Now! (Amy Goodman) has a bias. Isn’t democracy now! what real journalism is? It’s dismissed as lefty, liberal, etc., but that misses the point. Goodman is a journalist trying to get news to the masses though a matrix of ethics/responsibility. Amazing how being responsible to your fellow man can be considered flawed; reduced to a bias.

    Love this episode and I love them all, love you three. xoxox

  2. Vera, lovie, this “majority rules syndrome” which you mentioned at minute 48 is IMHO what constitutes a democracy (to a large part at least). As long as you and your needs fit into the rules and the standards of the majority group, you’re fine within this system, but behold if your needs can’t be pidgeonhole:d that easily. Of course that’s where the constitution comes into the picture, in order to protect the equal rights and opportunities of the minority groups, but only as long as the constitution doesn’t get decided on by a popular vote…
    I do consider democracy a flawed system, but mankind hasn’t come up with a better one yet…

  3. And I would like to add to my previous rant: this said
    majority group is who politicians try to appeal to, because in a
    majority voting system, these are the people who (ideally) reelect
    them. And this majority group has apparently been identified as the
    middle class, even though, the lower class shouldn’t probably be
    underestimated as a target group, if they can/could be motivated to

  4. Voting does little to nothing. Withholding taxes would work
    but then the thugs would put you in prison or kill you, because the
    thief with the state uniform is worse than the thief on the

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