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ETHS #138 Another Week another Grum

Wouldn’t it be amazing to have show notes? Feel free to donate your services and take notes and then mail them to bloatedlesbian@gmail with subject show notes episode 139!
UPDATE: Brendon made show notes for us— see after the artwork!


Show Notes
After 137 episodes of ETHS, a co-host finally questions the theme song’s lyrics
No word from guest co-host, Nate
Remember the Podcast Awards?
How is Madge’s last name pronounced?
Ragan is excited for The Walking Dead
Duck Dynasty
Insecurity, hollowness, showing off, and h8stalking on Facebook
Ragan is obsessed with stalking people from his high school
Madge found closure from going to her high school reunion
Skype connection problems
Madge is miserable and alienated
Madge tried to sign up for Obamacare
American Horror Story circle-jerk
Madge loves rape, Ragan doesn’t
Cheryl loved Kathy Bates’ racism
ETHS is comprised of witches
Nobel Peace Prize
Discussion of recent Yeast Radio 1-800-NO-ABORT call
Ted Cruz and Sarah Palin hypocrisy
Government shutdown
How loathsome does the Tea Party in congress feel?
27th Amendment
Obama administration keen on keeping things under wraps more than the Bush administration did
Ragan can’t navigate Skype
Sanford and Son
Ragan went to a leather bar last night
Ice in urinals
LA drivers throw out bottles of piss in traffic
Cab drivers leave bottles of piss on NYC sidewalks
Wanda saw an elderly woman throw up on the bus and lose her denchers
ustreamer-931602 thinks the show is boring, Madge bans her
Wanda got old-school Dr Who episodes in the mail
mynameisbrendan asks if the Dr Who episodes were found in Nigeria
Faux racism all around
Madge and Wanda are not doing so well on life savings
Wanda points out Chinese people are small
How far back does Asian history go?
Madge plays Chinese music
Is Israel in Asia?
John Ong and Lady Bunny: Potential ETHS guest co-hosts?
Back in the old days of podcasting…
Cliffy was on a recent Ongline podcast episode
ETHS listens to Ongline
Back in the old days of podcasting… (Continued)
Madge plays a clip from American Horror Story
Madge plays Sylvia’s “Saddam Huessein has cancer!”