7 thoughts on “ETHS 147 More Woody and the Shame of Scandal”

  1. Madge said this was the first time you explained the Fausto Divide, but I remember listening to an entire episode where you explained it all to Rachel Kann.

    I don’t remember when, or which episode number, but I believe it was quite some time afterwards.

    I remember that FoF were just gone from ETHS and you said nothing to explain it. It wasn’t until much later, (maybe even a year later, or more) that you had Rachel as a guest and talked the whole thing over with her. And I don’t think it was the first time she was a guest either.

    1. I honestly don’t know. I would need more than the episode title. But, like I said, it probably wasn’t the first time she was on. Possibly her second guest spot on the show.

  2. Regarding the illegalization of homosexuality in the country cited – the law being used to criminalize homosexuality is a colonial law, this reflects a pattern of colonial laws being revived to criminalize homosexuality, in the same way the ‘revived’ anti-gay law which has criminalized homosexuality in India was also a product of Colonialism.

  3. Touching on the way in which these laws portray homosexuality as a ‘western’ deviation (in and outside of Muslim dominated countries) one of the slogans from the demo in India was:

    ‘Homosexuality is not an import, Colonalism is’

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