6 thoughts on “ETHS #141 Moron Healthcare and Other Fun Topics”

  1. Yessssss, Ragan, we get it; you don’t go to gay bars anymore.
    And LOVED how Madge accepted that her opinion on Lady Gaga is based on other people’s.
    But Wanda… as racist as always, there’s nothing more to say.

  2. The WEEEUUUUUUU count was high in this produk. All I can say is: WEEEUUUU! Very listenable as always you three. Gad to see Wanturd still has a presence on the internet. WEEEEEUUUUUUUU

  3. Madge; yes, follow Wanda’s advice and wait 5 seconds after the habitual “WHAT?” It works like a charm and actually my folks have started saying “WHAT?” much less…

    AND, the kitchen hover-er is an old lady thing (she’s about as far from jew as one could be)… my folks live with me and even though it is MY kitchen, my mother really owns it and feels the need to supervise incessantly. just gotta deal.

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