5 thoughts on “Eat This Hot Show #102 Just WHip It”

  1. madge-lovie, it was actually me who said “thank you wanda-lovie for introducing me to modern family, since it’s so well written and so much more fun to watch than big brother” (adlib:ed) on a comment last summer…

  2. in reference to Madge on minute 55: as Ragan Fox once said: I think what podcasting is missing is more poetry!

  3. UMMM I have been listening to Wanda for like 3 years -once she mentioned this show I totally started listening. Now i haven’t heard any of the “R. Fox” Shows and from what I understand I should be thankful for that? In all honesty I am thankful that you ladies put on this train wreck of a progrUM. I listen on the way to work or the gym and Im sure I look like a fucking lunatic as I laugh my ass off waiting to cross the street or something. ANYWAY thank you guys for doing what you do. I just donated.. its not much, but Ill do more later 🙁 Thanks again so much for what you guys do. It does make mine and a plethora of other mens and vagina smuglers day.

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