4 thoughts on “Eat This Hot Show #105 An Implant of Dumb”

  1. BAHAHA! I once knew this twink who agreed to do a video. It
    was very low budget filming. The crazy fool did it for bus fare
    home. Sheesh! The most stupid part of this scenario was when he
    would talk about it at house parties. It was as if he was proud or
    something. Or am I imposing my morality on someone else? 😉 All the
    best in the New Year!

  2. Wanda-lovie, just imagine, if you went through with your
    plot to marry Michele Bachmann, you could become First Tranny once
    she’d be elected President 😉

  3. You all should know you provide wonderful entertainment in letting us listen to your banter. I almost gasped with laughter when Wanda yelled there’s a Hooney in her backyard! Madge’s impression of a spoiled Floridian speaking of the “cold” weather through clenched teeth, no less, was dead on. Vera’s giggle is infectious. DAMN you ladies are fun!

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