15 thoughts on “Eat THis Hot SHow #106 Glockenspiels are THROUGH THE ROOF!”

  1. Dear whining ass cunts, It’s simple. Stop doing the goddamn
    show. Oh you poor put upon things. You never did do this for money
    and now the constant begging for money is tiresome and is almost as
    bad as public radio. Just Stop! Quit bitching.

  2. The latest show is downloading now. I’m thrilled. Oh dear. . . From the above comment I can guess what we’re all in for this episode. 😉 Even if it’s an hour of you 3 demanding $; I’ll be glad to listen to it.

    Dear all, I just dropped my Dec and Jan coin into the ETHS can; have you?

  3. Okay.


    I wrote out a really snarky, nasty and angry response to your post but I decided not to post it. It would serve no purpose.

    So allow me to simply say this.

    If you don’t like the show or the content or what we choose to speak about or request, then don’t listen. There are plenty of other podcasts out there.

    It’s that simple.

    Thanks for visiting, and bye-bye.


  4. I think the reason why everybody is out buying guns in Arizona because they fear that stricter gun-laws will be passed after this incident. That of course doesn’t explain why this particular model is such a best-seller…
    I agree with Vera’s thoughts on gun-ownership, 100%!

  5. I can honestly say that M’s comments have nothing to do with whether or not M enjoyed the show.

    Just sayin’

  6. If the show is not worth your time and effort on its own merit, then don’t do it. The donation is OPTIONAL and therefore is just a perk and bonus.

    The comments within the show make it sound like putting on the show is so very painful that it is arduous.

    So weigh how absolutely painful it truly is and make a decision.

    It is as simple as that.

    M’s point is ===> we don’t care to hear how god awful painful and disruptive the show is. If it is that bad, then what the hell are you doing it for?!?!?

    It is like listening to a friend tell you how bad their relationship is while refusing to do anything about it. Not a very pleasant or productive conversation, eh?

    It is the classic poor me syndrome where the party is completely unwilling to resolve their problems.

    Either enjoy the show for itself and take the OPTIONAL Donation as a perk or stop doing it because it ain’t worth it.

    So simple.

  7. “Possum” is just a shortened version of the word “opossum.” They don’t represent two different animals.

  8. If you want money, do an edited commercial segment at the front of the show with a snappy jingle. It would separate the show from the money. Separate the artist from the accountant – easy and it only needs producing once!

  9. Hi ladies,
    Haters need to keep your stupid comments to yourself. If you don’t have anything positive or helpful to say, SHUT THE F UP! Like Vera said don’t listen. I run a non-profit and it’s all volunteer, and if people don’t agree with what my organization is doing then they just don’t give money and they don’t get any services or benefits from our organization. So if you are not going to be willing to throw a few bucks here and there at someone who is doing this on a volunteer bases. Then stop benefiting from it and don’t listen.

    Ladies I just sent a few bucks. I would give more, but all my extras money goes to my non-profit. You ladies are awesome and I love this show and your individual shows. Please don’t stop doing them. But if you have to do to cost, I completely understand. I may cry, but I will move on.


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