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  1. Where’s Big Fatty when you need a smartass?
    Okay, just for the record: the Parthenon is in Athens, the Pantheon is in Rome.

  2. Things never change, tHis was today’s news:

    [UK] Former Private School Girl Who Stamped Gay Man to Death in Homophobic Attack to Serve Just 2.5 Years. A former private schoolgirl who stamped a gay civil servant to death in Trafalgar Square will spend just two-and-a-half years behind bars. Ruby Thomas, who was 17 at the time, lashed out at Ian Baynham because he was holding hands with another man, screaming, ‘f****** faggots!’, at him and his companion.

    Yesterday, David Kato, a gay man in Uganda, was reportedly bludgeoned to death in his own home by a neighbor with a hammer. David had spoken out for gay rights, was one of the high profile plaintiffs who successfully sued Uganda’s Rolling Stone for publishing a list of 100 “homos” and calling for their death. He lost his life because he publicly stood up for equality. But no one in the government of Uganda has taken the same risk as David. The U.S. government refuses to stand up for people like David too – to take action forcing Uganda to protect human rights.

  3. Can I just say that while you three discuss subjects that are entertaining, and your banter between each other is also entertaining, you do also serve to educate and let people – who otherwise may not have access (through time, resources, abilities) to scour through the worlds press for items of news that affect the LGBTQQ communities.

    Keep up the good work, but you are not JUST entertaining, your message is much deeper.


  4. Another great show ladies!

    I have to agree with Madge and Vera – you three can do whatever you want to on your shows. As your audience, we can certainly offer feedback, you can pay attention or ignore it, whatever. If someone had problems with you asking for donations, why do they continue to listen?

    Ooh, is it wrong that I giggle every time Vera has to play the “Cheryl Merkowski” clip?

    You guys/gals rock! Thanks!!!!

  5. Perhaps what is also bothering Vera about the passage of pop culture personalities and ideas is that passing with them is our shared knowledge of them. Sure they may have been vapid mindless entertainment and distraction, and many often had darker human sides but they were, because of the structure of older media, shared by all. You could make a referenced to Jack Lalane and regardless of a person’s feeling about him you could be understood. You also identify with a stranger because odds were they too had memories of this guy or show or movie somewhere in their past.

    Mass culture exists today sure, but not in the same way. Probably like Johnny carson’s tonight show. It was the only game in town and thus a shared cultural touchstone.

    At the same time, this splintering of attention is what has allowed shows like this to exist. It’s just different.

  6. At this point, I would like to quote one of Sarah Palin’s most recent tweets on twitter:
    says @SarahPalinUSA:
    “Pray for people of #Egypt. It’s about time that the ancient birthplace of democracy is again governed by the people, for the people! #tcot”
    I leave this to your discussion…

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