5 thoughts on “Eat This Hot Show 108 That’s Not Funny!”

  1. I think you should get Anturdson Coopwhore to read out the “thankyou”‘s each show while Madge wrestles with her stupid bitch shaped icecubes & Wanda eats tinned FEESH. Excellent show ladies!

  2. According to http://www.mywebsiteworth.com/site/www.eatthishotshow.com Eat This Hot Show is worth $48.

    Now, you should:

    go public and hype the IPO on Ragan’s show,
    leverage your $48 10 times over in the Credit Market,
    take your $480 to Wal-Mart and buy the following items:
    – 1 Sunpentown Portable Ice Maker, $189
    – 1 Progressive International Tuna Press, $4.89
    – 1 DVD of the movie ‘God And Gays’, $8.49
    – 1 copy of ‘Europe for Dummies’, $16.50

    Then spend the rest of the cash on licorice, booze, chicken, smoothies with umbrellas and any brand of deep-fried cheese you can get your hands on.

    Then (given you have ballooned in size and weight),
    Declare yourselves insolvent and when the Payday goons come by your house to collect:
    – Call up Michelle (Obama)
    – Let her know that you are now Too Big Too Fail and that you need some of that TARP

    The End.

  3. I think we need a “Reagan Fox” sound effect for Madge. She’s mentioned him at least once an episode for HUWEEKS.

  4. I found it interesting that Mubarak was referred to as “president” (at least in the German media) for the last 30 years, that terminology suddenly shifted to “dictator” in the light of the current protests, like they only recently found out that he wasn’t really reelected over and over again in a fair and democratic elections.
    I think this perception had a lot to do with the relationship he kept with the western countries, the US and Israel in particular.

    Plus I think this Ragan Fox-interview Madge mentions is *very* good, as most of his interviews are. Download it now @ http://www.thepodcastpodcast.com/podpod/?p=590

    And speaking of Ragan Fox: He talked about the popular assumption of heterosexuality in this heteronormative world we live in, too in an interview (I don’t remember which one, but I think it was some time post Big Brother interview, maybe the one on Yeast Radio), which he apparently tries to deconstruct and turn around every now and again, given his own queer viewpoint.
    Very interesting topic, hladies!

  5. I hate crescent shaped ice too. The curved part comes up and hits my mouth and blocks my drink from going in. It goes around the sides of the ice and dribbles down my chin….

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