8 thoughts on “Eat This Hot Show 109 I Whip My Harelip Back and Forth”

  1. Im so glad u dumb fags can dedicate more time to tearing down Lady Gaga. Maybe next crapisode u reserve time to ripping apart sunshine or blowjobs. I mean really – the only celebritty putting her neck on the line for your civil rights deserves your deconstruction.

  2. Hello Ladies.

    I enjoyed this show. Two things:

    1. Wanda, Gaga not only stole “boudoir” from you but also “Lebanese”.

    2. Yes, ‘Born this Way’ has silly lyrics. But it is a pop song not a thesis. It looks like it is going to be a gigantic global hit. So, why not be glad that it celebrates the gay (& lebanese) instead of poo-poo-ing it.

  3. Thx for the new episode lay-dees. I love gaga too Hateman but don’t listen if these gals bug you. Off to DONATE some coin to ETHS for the month . . .

  4. You made it though a show without mentioning Cheryl M!!! Let’s not let that happen again, shall we?

  5. I love you ladies so hard I have been saving up this episode for my plane ride to VACATION this week… along with the French version of Les Miz.

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