10 thoughts on “ETHS 95 Life begins (to end) at forty.”

  1. the slogan of “everybody can be a star / be yourself” just fosters the already unhealthy self-consciousness of the average low-class american joe. at least this is what it appears to be from my outside point of view.
    the original meaning, that you can fulfill your dreams and become what you want to be if you really want it regardless of preconditions is completely lost on those people.
    instead, they take it literally, they think – no – they expect to become a star, even if they haven’t done anything else but eat in their lifes. nothing else comes to their tv-bainwashed imagination.
    why else do you see so many obese and retarded people exposing themselves on youtube without hesitation.
    totally agree with madges reluctance to embrace this ga-ga-bla-bla. there where probably hundreds of fatties in the audience who left the premise thinking “why loose weight? i can be a star just like i am.” Be yourself, right? you can do it!

    btw. i live in Japan, please do come but dont expect to live on couches. apartments here are soo small…

  2. this show was not as good as usual. a little more preparation and a little less defensiveness and bickering please. y’all sound like a support meeting of co-dependents.

    having topics would be good. we look to you all to be entertained AND informed. blathering about whether lady gaga is significant [she isn’t] and paying so little mind to the hate monger white supremacxist Glenn Prick Beck is shameful. the ratio should be reversed.

    I love y’all but come on naaaawwwwww. We need you more than ever!!

    love each other and help us to know who the real enemies are. this hegemony NEEDS to have it’s false face shown for what it really is!

  3. altho i’m not sure who made you the Significance King, rhiso, and i certainly don’t think there’s anything wrong with commenting on pop culture or music, i do believe our audience would best be served if we came to each episode with an idea of what we wanted to discuss. and, fleshmeatpuppet, fat retards can be stars too. just look at the world of podcasting.

  4. Those people ^ and Wanda are right! You ladies have talked about a few of the same things for several shows, none except BB with passion and all with a bitter edge. The old system worked wonderfully and produced amazing discussions.

    On what you all said about the HIV situation. I personally think people who knowingly spread the virus should be treated as child molesters or Typhoid Maries. They have significantly impaired someone’s life and placed a burden on the publicly paid health system when said person needs medication and eventually disability. HIV can be controlled but most people have horrific side effects from the medication (stages of malaise, shitting blood, body wasting and cancer) and from what I remember they have an estimated 25 years till the medications become ineffective. I came out 5 years ago and I still can’t understand the denial and white washing of HIV by the community. An example is when I asked a man in a Seattle bar about his status he acted like I raped his mother and ran to his friends who all ganged up on me for asking such a hurtful question. Another is when I use to listen to a certain chinless podcast and they talked about pulling out as an alternative to condoms.
    Blah Blah Fucking Blah! My personal ideas that are probably wrong.

    Glad you ladies are back and hope you get into the old swing again and make Madge podcast from Europe as a special yeast correspondent.

  5. @wanda,
    i didn’t say that fat people couldn’t become stars. What i meant was that not EVERY fat retard will become a star not even 1/1000 will become.
    they can fulfill their dream, and even though most retards think their dream is to become a star, in reality they probably only wish to leave their parents basement. this indeed is achievable.

  6. it is sort of comical to me that vera has to give madge old-lady-health-advice even though she is some 5 years younger than madge… 😀

  7. It has been some time since I worked (shipping/editing) in the “industry” like Madge. Working for magazine publishers was definitely less icky than for video companies. There is something inherently predatory about the producers who need fresh talent to sell. In my experience the performers are generally a little messed up themselves. For some it’s a weird narcissistic trip. As we all know the movies are usually just window dressing for the real money making, sex work, and that does something to the psyche (not necessarily good or bad).

    And then you have the racial fetish producers. The asian purveyors for me were the creepiest. I could go on ad nauseum but I’m sure you can infer.

    My school, UC Santa Cruz, has a women’s pornography cluster research group, who brought in a feminist porn producer and an actor for a lecture in which we watched clips. The actor was like most porn actors but the production side was remarkably touchy feely kumbiah cooperative. They were also using a lot of alternative gendered actors and pairings. Interesting but I don’t think I could stomach the biz again.

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