ETHS 96 A New Format for ETHS! (as always with your hostesses Auntie Vera Charles, Madge Weinstein, and Wanda Wisdom

OH, it’s magical and a REVOLUTION in PODCASTING! You will LOVE our new FORMAT. We can’t wait for your feedbaque!



11 thoughts on “ETHS 96 A New Format for ETHS! (as always with your hostesses Auntie Vera Charles, Madge Weinstein, and Wanda Wisdom”

  1. This content-full episode was like a huge load of cum blown on my face. “Critics” that demand a “planned show” with “content” can go eat a warty dick ’cause that kind of crap is for reality television. If you think the grum needs more content, then provide some ideas OR you can stop bitching and be glad that the ladies are putting forth time to make a show.
    With that said, Madge, when you said “gay people can’t have children by accident” you didn’t account for the queers who get pregnant or knock a bitch up trying to emulate hetero lifestyles or trying to prove heterosexuality. Those people as populace, are a shot in the dark when it comes to parenting skills; either they’re really good or bad or okay at it. Stop generalizing, or I’ll kick you in the pussy, you little__HORSEY.

  2. I think it’s terrible to burn holy books.
    Think of the carbon cost!
    All my holy texts go into the blue recycling bin.

  3. I love you three retards but you are all woefully uninformed when it comes to the issue of adoption. Our 4 adopted kids didn’t cost us one penny to get. Being that we were foster parents prior to adopting, we were able to do a lengthy “test run” and get an idea of what we might be in for. Upon deciding to adopt, the state paid ALL legal fees and provides health insurance for all until they turn 18. Can’t say the same for those who pay tens of thousands of $ to go overseas and oftentimes have absolutely no idea what they might be coming home with (and I have friends who have done just that and come home with “problems” greater than we’ve ever had to deal with). As far as parenting…there are just as many good straight parents as gay parents…and just as many lousy parents in both of those groups. It isn’t for everyone and that’s fine. The problem is that the straight parents who aren’t capable of taking on the job need to stop reproducing in the first place!

    Excellent showgrum!

  4. Vera mentioned being deterred from adopting due to the stigma around having gay parents. I would also invite those interested in this topic to consider the challenges facing a transplanted child growing up in a presumably predominantly white neighborhood. I myself lived in a diverse urban environment till my mom remarried. My step moved us to an affluent all white suburb where my sib and I were the only people of color. Fucked me up for life and took me years to fix myself around that psyche damage.

    ps I love the unpredictable haphazard nature of this show, it’s always been like that and that’s what makes it so charming and good

  5. Vera,

    The bible isn’t inherently evil. Evil people interpreting it do evil things. Whatever you might think.

    Oh, yeah, Go Gay Adoption!

  6. micerl,

    The bible advocates incest, stoning and human sacrifice among many other little goodies.. it IS inherently evil.
    So I still hold true to my original assertion.
    All bibles should be burnt…..after being shit on.

  7. I don’t consider the bible to be evil, I consider it a book who’s day came, went and now deserves being consigned to the shelves of history filed under “Things that held humanity back; could do better”.

    -Vera, unless you’re drinking turpentine I don’t think pooping will aid page combustibility …but then…you _are_ made from paper mache.

  8. @ AVC, World

    The Bible is not an encyclopedia. You shouldn’t understand it as The Only Truth. The Bible also advocates love, compassion and humbleness. Does it suddenly mean it’s inherently Good?

    The Stonewall riots led to people breaking the law; are gays therefore inherently evil? Some homosexual men have molested children. People propagate for gay rights. Should these people be shat on and burnt at stakes?

    I guess you are absolute rabid against right-wing Christians or whatever, but some people actually want to keep their dicks in their pants (if you catch my drift) and are very selective about when, where and how they stick it down other people’s throats.


    Love & Kisses,

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