8 thoughts on “ETHS 97 Eat it Out”

  1. Hey gals, the Pope will be driving past me tomorrow, want me to shout anything?
    Otherwise I could always get my tits out, press them against the glass and shout “Love me Ratzinger! Love Meeee!”

  2. V.Charles

    Ease up, dude.

    AND, get off it.

    Think about how difficult it is for folks to educate THEMSELVES!! People are struggling to make it.

    And somehow, you think they are supposed to elucidate themselves enough to see through the smoke screen of the system??????????????


    People are not to blame. I cannot possibly laser beam my understanding through all the covert dynamics that protect the status quo!

    I’m no slouch…. you aren’t either.

    But stop beating up the average joe… the average joe shouldn’t have to become joe politic or joe ecology or joe whatever to make it.

    The system we’ve decided to empower is the problem.

    lay off joe… u big queen

  3. Many people walk around doing things with one hand and wonder why everything is so difficult, what they’ve not realised is that one of their finger is up their ass.
    Average joe needs to realise that the best person for taking ownership of pulling average joe’s finger out of average joe’s ass is average joe.
    All the knowledge and tools for changing lives is freely available, in libraries, the internet and in the lives of the people around average joe.
    Average joes can be led to the knowledge, but not all average joes can use it to realise they can pull their finger from their own ass.

    Unable to realise their finger is up their ass and that change is possible, some average joes need to be slapped in the face and be told, like Vera does, “Joe, you’re _finger_ is up your _ass_”

  4. Considering that Madge is in Europe, and given the comments about the Netherlands, maybe she can talk about the rise of the right wing nationalists from a lunatic fringe to a significant force across the entire continent. (They seem even more loonie and widespread than the mouth-breathing Tea Party types in this country.) See this msnbc item: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/39180668

  5. Vera,

    This is a bit late but I would like to thank you. You and Gooch had forethought before popping out a child, a discusion took place about quality of life on both ends and that truly shows your wisdom.
    I work in a public school set in a middle class neighborhood and it amazes me how selfish people are when producing children.

    Once again Thank You.

  6. Thank you so much for coming back. I love each of you, and together you are so tasty, you’ve got to be at least 1000 Weight Watchers Points!
    Please don’t leave again!

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