3 thoughts on “ETHS98 It Gets Better..”

  1. So I had an ETHS binge today and listened to 6 in a row, they’ve all melded into one delicious tranny trainwreck and I can’t remember what this one about enough to comment. Anyway I’m thrilled you ladies are back again, if you decide to charge for the old ETHS episodes I’d be happy to pay, but if not just throw a few retro ones up a few days after each ETHS.

  2. Oh and get Vera back in the moderator chair and have her drill the two of you. Some of the best ETHS episodes have been the three gals talking about their lives and how they’re getting by, it breaks up the “let’s discuss wide reaching problems in our culture and then decide we suck and then finish the podcast” grums.

  3. I don’t know how much prep actually went into the show but it was very good. I really like it when you discuss news items. I’ve already donated. So don’t tell me to go fuck myself, please lol.

    Also, I’ve been looking for an android podcast client that catches this show. For some reason the three that I have tried only catch Yeast Radio but not ETHS, TP or AVS. Can you maybe ask the audience the next time you have a show.

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