23 thoughts on “ETHS 99 Baked or Fried?”

  1. There are at least 2 Arthur Treacher’s restaurants still open in the Cleveland area but only really, really old people are ever seen going in or coming out.

  2. OMG! I am still laughing. I loved today show so much. I love the wedding story. You gals freakin rock. Please keep doing the show.

  3. Thanks for sharing about the antidepressants Wanda, and thank you Vera for getting her to talk about it. I think I’ll give it a try. Maybe it will help with my panic attacks and my avoiding the phone like bb sex with an aids queen.

  4. I listened 2 the grum and was entertained !!! Liked Vera Giving Madge a Shoutout for her talent in Gabbing and her solo grums, twas sincere and I agree.

  5. I think Madge Wanda & Vera are dreadful & I hate them…*Winkies*
    I hope Vera has sufficient cause for laughter in the next one- her old lady laugh always cracks me up.

  6. i saw the documentary madge talks about in minute 44/ 45 last weekend, too. it’s “this film is not yet rated” by kirby dick. very interesting!

  7. Yes……..Madge’s grums are most pleasing. It is most pleasing when MADGE does a grum……

    I donated but some jew stole it. Should I re-donate?


    I unfortunately need to start taking my anti-depressants in a few weeks for college (Cognitive and concetration shit) after self coping for years. How would my booze effect my pills?

  8. I had listened. But it was a long time ago!
    Two weeks by my frist comment.

    Thank god I just skipped to the end to research what your joke was about.

    Thanks for shaming me.
    I especially like that the VERA joined in when she is all about treating everyone with respect.

    IRONY — another reason I listen to the show.

    Love ya mean it. Listening soon.

    So very sorry for the cornfusion.


    Instead of being trite you could have just reminded me that you were skipping to NOVEMBER.

    Excuse me for liking the show and wanting a new one.

    My bad. Look forward to it.

    I look forward to your plethora of TOPICS Madge.

    LOL — like you’ll have even one.

    But that is why I love you.

  9. Random commentator, you have a point. Madge’s comment was a valid observation but I’ve noticed that Wanda and Vera can’t practice what they preach in this show and their own.

    It might be an innocent case of tranny speak but it is odd.

  10. I admit I’ve been checking the site and the feed in iTunes like a lunatic. Totally forgot ya’ll were skipping Oct. In the meantime ladies, I hope y’all are clicking the DONATE button and tossing these gals some coin. I am committing 10 or 20 bucks a month. Ya gotta show your love.

    I can’t wait to hear Wanda discuss all the new friends she’s been making!

  11. Of course….

    Why would I ever wonder about show timing. I mean this show always follows what it plans to do, right?!?!?



  12. Ladies! The whores who dutifully donated upon request for the ETHS Centennary are curious where it is, it’s been a lot longer than two weeks.

    Oh and to the queens who are -whining- AGAIN about the fucking topics, just shut the fuck up. ETHS is great with or without topics, if they have them they’ll speak about them and if not the glorious tangents begin.

  13. this is the most recent show taht i’ve listened to because ive been trying to catch up. and it is by far the funniest i have heard and most enjoyed so far!!! the wedding story was awesome!! also about vera telling wanda how much your listeneners enjoy stuff about you personal lives and wanda’s anti antidepressants….. i take them and enjoyed hearing the perspective from someone else!

    cant wait to keep laughing!
    love you ladies!

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