13 thoughts on “ETHS 100 Post-Epic FAIL”

  1. What a lovely trainwreck!
    Auntie vera at the helm of the engine.
    Wanda waving like a princess from the beely of the beast.
    And, of course, Madge bringing up the caboose!

    A better 100th episode could not have been created.

  2. thank god! Been waiting with baited breath. Just made my $10 donation for Oct and Nov, which is $20 for the mathematically challenged. Give the gals a coin or 3 babies!

  3. Ladies. I sent a donation around Oct 9 under B J and I wasn’t in the list. I’m not clamouring for acknowledgement or anything but I’d hate to think that it fell through the cracks into Madges vagina and wasn’t received.

    Show was ok I guess. I think an important issue that people rarely talk about is perception, from Obama’s POV he could be pushing for lots of progressive issues but the rest of us don’t appreciate it, the republicans obviously portray him as a hyper-progressive, whether they actually believe it or not or just feign it for their propaganda is unsure though.

    There’s also the issue of comparison, we whine that the democrats don’t do enough for us, but do the republicans do enough for their base? For the corporations absolutely, since they have free reign to fuck up the environment and screw over workers. The wealth is being concentrated more and more in the hands of the 1% so the republicans have been enormously successful in that respect.

    But I’ve heard conservative christians complain that the republicans court them at election time but don’t agressively follow through on their issues. So maybe it’s the same with both parties?

  4. Holy shit!

    I was thankfully mentioned in one of my favorite podcasts which means I hit a cord.
    Small donations aren’t mentioned in the podcast but you could at least make a blog post since I did donate what I could afford several months ago.

    I love this tranny wreck of a show which is why I take time out of my day to comment! Ladies!!
    Wonderfully appropriate 100th podcast for you trannys.

  5. Much of this episode’s banter really made me laugh out loud – and since I was listening on a crowded commuter train, let’s just say I couldn’t have been more unpopular if I were wearing Madge’s mildewy cotton muumuu.

    Many thanks for 100, and here’s to many more!

  6. i found myself mimicing the beloved “cher*l merk*ski”-sound effect when it failed to be included in the actual show, which lead to some weird looks by other people in my gym…

  7. WOW. You used the scratch track I laid down before I settled on the final lyrics to open this one! I don’t even think *I* have a copy of that anymore!

  8. Best show ever! Ab.Fab synergy between you ch’white ladies!

    Speaking of not voting (cuz your single vote never makes any difference);

    You know, why should I throw my trash in the bin. Everyone else is throwing their trash properly, so my small trash on the street doesn’t make a difference!

    If everyone thought this way we would have heaps of trash everywhere and idiots, elected in dubious ways, running the coun… oh, wait… whatever.

  9. about the mildew:
    I’d soak the laundry in vinegar (1 cup of white vinegar, maybe add half a cup of lemon juice as well) and then wash it at least 60°C (whatever that equals in °F, you do the math) because that kills the bacteria that causes the smell, preferably even 95°C if possible (for e.g. whities). If you prefer to use a chemical, go for the bleech, as Wanda mentioned. But IMO the temperature is important. But I have only used that recipe on cotton thus far.
    I use vinegar for almost everything, to clean my floors and windows and even as fabric softener.

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