8 thoughts on “Eat This Hot Show #94 Not THAT Again!”

  1. I love how we can hear the 3 gal pals have to learn how to give up complete control of the conversation anew each & every week.

  2. I agree with you ladies that the shot Big Brother is total trash, but the concept of the show is a little genius because it causes these types of conversations. Like Madge said last time, Big Brother is a social experiment that nobody is observing because it is being packaged and sold to complete morons who take it way too seriously. The conversations you have about Big Brother are the conversations people should be having about Big Brother.

  3. Sorry, I didn’t mean to say that the concept is genius, but rather interesting. The thing I find interesting about the show is seeing different personalities interact with each other in such a setting and with such a great motivation, which causes the drama. That’s the interesting part, but once it’s edited it just becomes trash.

  4. thank you, wanda-lovee, for pointing my attention to modern family. it’s so refreshing to watch a show that is funny, well acted and, most importantly, well written after these months of watching the whore-or that is big brother!

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