Eat This Hot Show (Retro) #11 Host Change (Ragan Fox, Wanda Wisdom, Madge Weinstein)

Thanks to a wonderful listener named Tara in Michigan, I am able to repost some of the very old (and hitherto missing) eat this hot show episodes.  This episode (11) was the first one of our second group of hosts (Ragan Fox, Wanda Wisdom, and Madge Weinstein).  Shows 1-10 had five hosts in addition to Fox, Wisdom, and Weinstein, but the three parted ways with the other two. Retro episodes will continue to be posted. Feel free to make donations using the paypal link at the end of this post.



11 thoughts on “Eat This Hot Show (Retro) #11 Host Change (Ragan Fox, Wanda Wisdom, Madge Weinstein)”

  1. I never heard this grum with the Ragans Fox on there, and I didn’t even know there was 5 hosts back in the beginning.

    I always get nostalgic when I hear stuff that was recorded during the Golden Age of Podcasting. Too bad nobody gives a shit about podcasting anymore.

  2. Ty Tara!! Also thank you ladies for posting them! I have been wondering for quite some time if I would ever get to hear the first 40 episodes (I didn’t listen until episode 44) of Eat This Hot Show. I can’t wait to hear more of them.

  3. Stop what your doing and post the previous grum with the FoF kerfuffle. I wanna see if the Ragan rage is the same as what was show on Big Brother! Computer says yes!!!

  4. LOVE IT! Thank you so much, Tara!
    Madge, Ragan, Vera and of course, Wanda, are a huge part of my life. I am VERY grateful for their amazing shows.

  5. i think i still have the ones with rachel kann as a cohost (like “back to abnormal with rapechel kann” and at least another one, because i love the rachel), maybe even the ones with david cerda, soccergirl and criffy, and i think i kept episode #1 with fof somewhere for sentimental reasons as well. gotta search my external hds one of these days…

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