ETHS 93 Our Former Co-ho Ragan Fox vs. Rachel Reilly on BB12 and OTher Fun Topics

OK so maybe a little shameless. A worthwhile discussion (at time code 28:30) though about Ragan’s fight with Rachel and how it could impact the gay community. Lots of other fun topics too like the new mosque, Dr. Laura, and Babka.



11 thoughts on “ETHS 93 Our Former Co-ho Ragan Fox vs. Rachel Reilly on BB12 and OTher Fun Topics”

  1. at least now ragan fox get’s some more screentime. he has hardly been seen on the telly the first couple of weeks…
    still, i somehow wish tom six would make another sequence of a human centipede from at least 3/4 of all the big brother inmates…

  2. OMG! Do you seriously think screaming queens on TV is a bad idea because it doesn’t “represent the whole community”? Isn’t this a form of censorship? Do you only want to see “str8 acting” boys next door or lipstick lesbians on TV. That is shameful.

    I’m jubilant that a screaming homosexual can be on the tube. I welcome all makes and models of queers on TV. Only then can our community be fully and properly represented.

  3. Isn’t it interesting how the very people who often defend Dr. Laura are so against the mosque and vice versa.

    How can one feel these ways?

    I am great offended at the insensitivity and bigotry of Dr. Laura and total for the mosque being built there and others should really just get over it.


    Dr. Laura defend Dr. Laura and people just need to get over being so sensitive and I am totally against the mosque because it offensive to the highest order and should not be allowed.

    I find a lot of people hold opposing views based on emotion. A contradiction of Self?!?!?


  4. Ragan practically begs to not be taken seriously, unfortunately. I think its fabulous that he defended himself, however I think due to his general affectations and deflective, somewhat nature, it doesn’t come across as genuine. It also sucks that essentially he’s playing a small clownish part in a very big freak show. Like Madge said, the whole point is to tear them apart and completely break them emotionally, which is what we see happening. I cannot imagine why anyone would subject themselves to this.

  5. I think Ragan speaks for himself and doesn’t represent any community, be it gays, college professors, or podcasters. Big Brother tends to select similar types of people to play stereotypical roles: the dumb blonde, the bitch, the hunky meathead, the crazy queen, etc. Ragan has been cast as the crazy queen. Unfortunately his behavior does not always above the stereotype. But does this reflect on the gay “community”? No because there is no gay community and people who think all gays are like Ragan probably think all scientists have fake boobs and red hair.

  6. It’s fascinating to see how Ragan is able to verbally destroy Rachel, but it also makes me sad. So much wit, so much intelligence, so much talent, yet such an unpleasant, self-righteous and mean-spirited demeanor! What a waste..

  7. I think Ragan did what any of us would do and have done in the past, I have and anyone who says otherwise is lying.

    I would like to make a correction. You ladies completely left out that Britney was in the corner flicking her bean over that Emotion Porn. Because looking a woman in the eyes and giving her some good drama is the ONLY way women can orgasm.

    P.S. 1Turd,

    Net Neutrality

  8. If American BB is anything like the UK version then we’re not getting whatever the full picture is, and won’t be until everyone is out of the house and able to give their take of things free from a crafted narrative the producers have stitched together designed to create friction.

  9. I agree with Madge on the Ragan – Rachel topic. Ragan totally served her and from what could tell it was absolutely deserved. If she was looking to stir the pot, she hit that big red button on Ragan’s personae that says “I dare you to challenge me on my sexuality”. After that she tripped over another important rule that was to never enter into a war of words with someone who specializes in words. Don’t mess with the doctor!

    I think he was justified in his argument. I could be reading to much into it but it seemed like the probably less mature tongue lashing he delivered was part to try to scare her away and part to gather his thoughts for the final blow that was in the show that left her stunned.

    Anyway, Ragan really seems to have the most
    Integrity of anyone on the show. I’m not a BB watcher but caught the one and only show last night where Ragan lost the household challenge. I was curious what it was like behind the scenes so I tuned into the “after dark” segment for a while later on that night. In listening to a conversation with three of the five over who they would stay in touch with after the show – Ragan’s name came up, and with a snicker someone said “I don’t have ANYTHING in common with him”. The rest agreed. Says it all. I don’t know him but it looks like people that only see him as a silly queen have a perception problem.

  10. I don’t think Ragan is representing gay people. Maybe back when nobody knew of gay people on TV or reality TV…but that’s very old news.
    However as a long time listener of ETHS and Fox and the City, I’m disappointed by his reaction. Everybody picks the most vulnerable weakness or appeared weakness when attacking someone vehemently…or fighting back from the corner. Realizing that I don’t think his reaction was appropriate. He overzealously jumped on her comment when he already had hate for her in his heart.
    My issue is that he only gets half the picture: people are lying and playing a game. If you have been watching the whole season and every show you’ll see that he was often wrong; things were not what they appeared to be. Rachel is not evil and did not have bad intentions. His anger for her started from something or some things that weren’t true. I think if he watches the whole season after the fact, he’ll realize his mis-steps and regret jumping to conclusions.
    I still love him…but wish he would’ve remembered he didn’t always have the full information to make the judgments he made.
    Thanks for listening!

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