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ETHS 157 – Beef Passports and Shitty Dementia Movies

Ragan cancelled us but we’re back with the lovely Grizelda.

Topics include Caitlin Jenner on trans athletes, beef passports, shitty dementia movies, Olestraâ„¢, vaccination incentives, and Colombian protests.

You can also watch this episode on YouTube.

ETHS 154 Getting Saucey in 2020

We are back after a three year hiatus with yet another cast change. Listen to Debra, Madge, and Ragan talk bout current events and a new show (not this one) that they’re about to do together. Topics include Covid in the future, preemptive pardons, Dr. Jill Biden, General Strike in India, Neoliberalism, Buttigieg as Transportation Secretary, peeping tom reporters, reacting to people who disagree with you, Tom Cruise’s freakout, and Pod Save the Queens Podcast.

You can also watch it on YouTube: