7 thoughts on “ETHS #126 Ragan Eats at Olive Garden and other HUGE Stories”

  1. I got so nostalgic from the old days of podcasting discussion. God those where the days. I was a Fox and the City listener from the start.

  2. FINALLY you’re back. I have to admit I’ve just been listening to the past three episodes *without* having sent any feedback in the comments or on FB. It’s still a bit surreal that you’re back – that you’re the same gang that I used to listen to and look forward to listen to every week.
    There was already some careful wishful thinking that you’d come back when the old episodes were re-posted. But I didn’t want to get my hopes up only to be disappointed.
    But what can I say – you’re back and it feels like being reunited with old friends and you can just continue where you left off years ago. I’m so glad and so happy. And I enjoyed each of the new shows. If not for me or the other listeners, please keep it up – you yourselves seem to enjoy being reunited and if there’s anything we, your listeners, wish for is happiness and all the best for you. Thank you and welcome back! 🙂

  3. Thank you thank you thank you for restarting the progrum! Your show has been on every roadtrip I’ve gone to with my gal pals…hours of driving just whizzes by when I have your podcast playing in the car.

    I’d like to suggest a topic for the next episode: all them polite homosexuals in Canada! I’m sure there’s something newsworthy to talk about happening in Canada. A shoutout to all your listeners up north will give you a huge boost in ratings for sure.

  4. Thank you. It feels awesome to be back. It’s wonderful to hear the show has brought people joy. It’s brightened my life, too.

  5. i certainly laughed a lot during this grum. although im not sure if a live tapping with a chatroom and a cheryl cameo feels right under a ETHS brand. ETHS is about boring topical discussions. thank you for being nostalgic. i loved it.

  6. I’ve listened to the three of you since the beginning and this show brought back SO many fun memories of your shows.

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