13 thoughts on “ETHS #125 Big Brother Homophobia and More”

  1. hey shana punim n-words, I straight up listened to this piece. Thoughts: wanda should talk about her journey FROM person gawking at fit person in line at whole foods TO fit person you gawk at in line at whole foods. oh also i’d like for madge 2 break down her yeast radio persona in a conceptual, academic sort of way. Oberlin that shit, gorl. Is it racist? Is it classist? Is it neither? Implications. Undertones. Be fancy about it. Ragan could lead the discussion quite well. Anyway just leaving my MARK because the last episode didn’t produce any commensch. ps I’m an affluent, consoyvative hamasexual.


  2. Hey there Hi there Ho there cunts. I LOVE that y’all is back! Gangi hows your lips doin’? Can’t wait to have you trannies/lesbos back. Keep up the mediocre work! TOODLES!!!!

  3. i’ve been very much enjoying the new shows!

    also: i have that found setting my TiVo to record everything Amy Sedaris is in results in Dance Flick, Shriek the Third, Maid in Manhattan, and a couple episodes of Monk, New Adventures of Old Christine, and Hot in Cleveland to get recorded over and over. pretty disappointing overall.

  4. Ragan, i saw a short segment on CNN today about racist Big Brother contestants. it seems they addressed this issue on the prime time show?

  5. I could have heard wrong, or be misinformed, but I thought it was Seth McFarlane who was going to be a new talk show host? You know the creator of “Family Guy” and host of this years Oscars. I believe he’s supposed to take over the Late Night on NBC from Jimmy Fallon, who in turn will take over from Jay Leno, until he changes his mind again after a few months, comes back and Fallon ends up hosting some local cable TV show like Conan O’Brien.

    Love the show. And I love that it’s finally back. (Yes, I’ve listened to the two previous episodes, though this is the first time I comment since you’re back.) Love you all.

  6. Another fabulous show, ladies and gentlemen. You had me in stitches. Love the idea of a live show. I can tell you that our podcast’s (LOTSL) sound quality got better when we switched from Skype to Google hangouts.

  7. Loving the return of the show. As a potential topic I would you guys to discuss podcasting. I know this sounds odd, but you were all there from the start (this show was even!) and listening to the archives it made me realize so much has changed. What happened to half of the people who use to do shows that were your guests, why did they stop? Podcasting was this new exciting media, people were getting paid to create these shows, what changed? Was it that the opportunities were wasted or that it was simply a fad. Or did people (the fans and the hosts) get bored? I guess I’m just intrigued on your personal experiences and thoughts on how podcasting has changed since you started in it.

  8. Hi there, hey there, hullo there – I am SO loving the return of ETHS! A quick thought on “blatino,” if I may: I never really cared for the term and back when I worked in white/dominant porn it was considered kind of a slur of sorts. In the past few years (sadly) I’ve started hearing people refer to themselves as blatino as an attempt to “recognize their afro-cuban (or similar) heritage.” But really, I think it is an insecure self-fetishization response after repeated devaluation by mainstream gay AND straight culture. But whatever, keep the hot shows coming and I’ll keep eating them. (If Wanda doesn’t gobble them first, of course.)

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