Eat This Hot SHow #127: Eat This Hot Video

This is our first attempt at a video ETHS. There is no audio podcast attached because the audio quality is sucks.  Hopefully, we’ll have this figured out soon!

6 thoughts on “Eat This Hot SHow #127: Eat This Hot Video”

  1. Re. Podcasting – it may not have the same energy and focus that it had in the past, but I think people still really love it and thats what keeps the community going – love and affection for the form. This show is the perfect example – it must be an enormous pain scheduling three people in to do a weekly show, it’s stopped and started what – 4 times now? But it keeps going. Podcasting keeps going, because people love it. Even if they don’t even realize it.

  2. Oh and I completely agree with Madge about hating youtube – I loathe when people send me videos. I like audio because you can do other things and text because you can read and skim at your pace, video demands your whole attention and dictates the pace and I find it really annoying for things I’m not interested in.

  3. I’m sorry Madge but your theory about Putin’s motives sounds ridiculous. After seeing videos and reading reports of the crazy homophobic atmosphere in Russia, you link it to Putin trying to appease Muslims?
    It reminded me of something Ceven from Berlin said in your progrum when he blamed homophobia in France on North African immigrants, after all the anti-gay riots that happened there.

  4. You all are very nice to look at, but it kinda confuses me and the mental image I have about what Madge and Wanda look like (in full ragalia). I think I’ll stick with listening to the audio in the future…

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