ETHS 120 A Collective Non-Retarded Vagina

Guess who’s back on Eat This Hot Show. Hot Topics include Tracy Morgan, Anthony Weiner (of course), guys on Grindr, the straight skinny/gay fat paradox, and the latest news on Prop 8. Come kill a few braincells with us.



50 thoughts on “ETHS 120 A Collective Non-Retarded Vagina”

  1. Now don’t get me wrong, I *love* the Ragan Fox, his was the first podcast I ever listened, only last week I went and downloaded some 291 episodes of his podcast because he threatened to cancel his libsyn-account. His interviews on Yeast Radio and The Podcast Podcast have been among my favourite Progrums of 2010.
    But I *miss* Vera. As entertaining as hearing the old themetune was, and hearing Ragan back on his old progrum, I still hope this was only due to Vera’s recent weekend-RV-vacation and there wasn’t really a FoF-fallout behind the scenes. Seeing Vera’s polymer-clay face scratched out of the picture above in a very Ragan-takes-a-razorblade-and-removes-a-wasistdas-sticker-off-his-license-plate-way and replaced Vera’s link with Ragan’s blog sort of disconcerting.

    Maybe you could make it a four-person-show (if something like that could even be scheduled…)?!

  2. I did however enjoy this progrum, you gals had a highly interesting and funny discussion!
    It was somewhat weird to see how quickly you gals were back in the old dynamic of interaction that you had back in the day though.

    And if you’re thinking about bringing guests back, may I suggest Rachel Kann, Gooch The Husband, Rambleredhead, Drew Droege, Teaching Thomas, Jason Matheson, Bicyclemark, the guys of Cocktails and Cream Puffs, John Ong, Satyr69, Adam Carmichael Donna Suggarz and maybe the Lady Bunny and her wooden leg. And Auntie Vera Charles of course!

  3. I’m sure an interview with Matt would make for great podcasting, with Madge who hated the show and Wanda who didn’t even watch it.

  4. I also would like a bit of info on the Vera absence! To have a show without her, and with no explanation, is total bullshit, you whores!!!!!!

  5. YAY! How odd. I just listened to old ETHS episodes this weekend. (I found 26 – 43) I’ve enjoyed Auntie Vera with Madge and Wanda but I’m thrilled to have Ragan back. All your guest ideas sound great. I hope you can keep the show going. OK kids, toss some coin. I’m donating right now. If we all drop a few bucks monthly we can keep it going.

  6. I get that you don’t really want to talk about what happened, considering the aftermath of the fallout with FoF a couple of years ago, but without any comment whatsoever you suggest that Vera’s been bullied to leave ETHS!

  7. What the hell??????? I find this very odd to not explain what the hell is going on. I have listened for a long time, donated to support this show. So can you please let us supporters know what is going on?

  8. @Madge: are you being serious? cause I can’t tell. BB12’s Matt Hoffman as Ragan mentioned in the last 15 minutes of the show, and let me add, I only appreciate a Hoffman that falls in love with a doll *hint*

  9. We reached an impasse. No drama. No fault divorce. Good run. Shows change. Look at “The View.” Vera was a great cohost and producer. She will be missed.

  10. I love Auntie Vera Charles and all of the Eat This Hot Show ladies. I’ll keep listening as long as this show exists. Thanks, Madge, Wanda, Auntie Vera and Ragan.

  11. Todays show was one of the best ever, imo. I think the addition of Ragan really takes the show up a notch. And I’m sure the audience will grow substantially with him as a regular. He does have big following. I am looking forward to some important issues and topics being discussed on future “grums!

  12. Although Vera had personality, she contributed only minimally to most of the current topic conversations, imo. Wanting to live in a bubble and shut out the rest of the world may be nice if you’re a Baroness but it doesn’t work real well for this format. I wish her well but can’t say I’ll miss her. Besides, I always had an issue with donating to someone who was already wealthy enough to employ a housekeeper when I don’t have that luxury myself. Welcome back Ragan!

  13. Chemistry and intelligent seamless conversation were so delightful and such a welcome change and of course Ragan is fabulous. Thank you all for a GREAT grum!

  14. You should have Ester Goldenberg (That’s Estertainment on Youtube) as a guest co-ho. If you can take yet another hot jewess in a (virtual) room

    And I have to say, Vera was a great co-ho who not only contributed to a *great number* of episodes, I think her role as a buffer between the other two, very strong and outspoken opinions shouldn’t be underestimated and underappreciated for the show’s dynamic. You notice that when you compare that aspect about the show with this episode (or those archived shows with Ragan still available) – and I’m not valuing one over the other, since I like and enjoy both combinations.
    So @Vera: I thank you and I love you! And I hope it wasn’t my comment to the previous show that led to this development.

  15. Like everyone else here I feel compelled to fweigh in on something thats not my business. I didn’t like Vera at first but grew to appreciate her cuntributions over the past few years. However, the Madge-Wanda-Ragan chemistry has always been great, and I look forward to hearing this and future shows.

  16. This is my first time posting on this show’s site since I started listening a couple years ago. I just wanted to say how much I will miss my Auntie Vera =( I actually shed a tear when I saw this change.
    PS. Vera is a “rich baroness” as Madge is a “lesbian. The fact that some of you people don’t know the difference makes me gag in the not so fun way.

  17. Is anyone here crafty? Can someone make a papier-Mâché (or clay polymer or whatever the fuck it is) representation of Ragan for use in the album art?

  18. Paul

    A) I never claimed to have any class. I’m not the Countess Luann De Lesseps. At least no yet. Until then, I take great pride in my lack of sophistication and suspicion of those who put on airs (or perform so-called “class”). I’ll take a poorly placed fart over a pinky in the air any day of the week, PpPpPpppPPPAUL.

    B) I don’t control the site’s banner. I’m not the one who placed my head over Vera’s head.

    C) I applaud whoever did it. It’s fucking funny. Lighten up.

    D) Who’s “Reagan”?

    E) To everyone else: Thanks for the love.

  19. wow…cannot believe that ragan is back. who ever would have thought he would come crawling back to BBBBRRROOOOOAAAADDDWWWAAAYYYY

    i was pleasantly surprised to hear he is returning and saddened to hear about auntie vera’s departure. i liked vera’s mature point of view.

    she’ll be missed but hopefully, she’ll be back for a guest spot when one of you is in rehab or getting a lift.

    sending duckets now. smooches!

  20. Awesome show, guys. Ragan you really have a wit like no other. You were one of the first gay podcasters I listened to religiously six years ago. My feelings about Vera are mostly neutral, I thought he had some good insights but it did seem lately like she was “phoning it in” I wish him the best.

  21. Wow, I shit my pantalonez when when I heard Monsieur Fox and not Auntaids Vera. Even if Vera isn’t the greatest intellectual to walk this earth she had a certain ‘je ne sais quoi’. I quite enjoyed this pogrum but it now feels like you are very homogenic in your opinion about stuff..
    With that said this is still my favorite podcast and I’ll never stop listening.

  22. Love Ragan and love Vera. Still the best show in the podosphere. Every time I listen to the show on my commute, I laugh…and get funny looks from others on the subway. I started listening a couple episodes after the FoF boys were gone and have not missed an episode since (promise to donate next pay day…I’m po these days 🙂 Will miss Vera very much, but do enjoy Ragan. Patty was kind of harsh…and gets s ‘thumbs down’ on her rude comments. Keep up the wonderful work gals(ish)

  23. “Who’s “Reagan”?” I love it.

    Regarding standup comics being homophobic . . . have a look at the following clip. The wonderful Scott Thompson as Buddy Cole on The Kids in the Hall. The whole clip is heaven but homophobic standup comics come up at 2:20.

  24. I’m torn. I’ve listened to ETHS from episode #1, and always loved the Madge-Ragan-Wanda dynamic. Hadn’t ever heard of Auntie Vera until his first episode with ETHS, then found his podcast and became a fan as well. I think both combinations of hosts had their good points, and many of the episodes during the “Vera Years” are among my favorites.

    So I’m thrilled that Ragan is back but I’m sad that Vera is gone.

    And Ragan is fully responsible for me watching Big Brother last year. I’d boycotted that show since season 2.

    All best wishes to Auntie Vera for her own show and whatever else she may do in the future, and looking forward to the “everything old is new again” ETHS.

  25. Wow! I can say I never thought I’d hear a show with the original cast again, so so so happy to have you back Ragan, Vera was a lovely host too – cannot wait for the future episodes and the guests – that was something I missed – I remember being a guest back in the day and being so annoyed as my connection was shite and I didn’t really hear anything! LOL – If you wanna give a boi a second chance (wink wink!) 😛

    You made me laugh out loud whilst an old woman was getting on my bus too, thanks 😛

  26. To be honest, while I think Ragan is pretty funny, some of this podcast came off sounding like a bunch of racist airhead queens gossiping at the hair salon. Vera was always a nice somewhat stern counter balance for some reason. It’s hard to put into words. And while Vera will be missed very much, the aggressive “Donate you cheap fuckers or I’m done with this shit” attitude won’t be. Now, the old pic of Ragan shows just how “fuckable” he’d be if he gave up the concentration camp look. P.S. Wanda had mentioned on her other progrum that she had “big plans” in the works. Was replacing Vera what you were talking about?

  27. Wilma: You’re high (not that there’s anything wrong with that). My body is bangin’!

    In the picture you call “fuckable,” I weighed 25 pounds LESS than I currently do. In case there’s any confusion, I lost over 20 pounds in the Big Brother house from being a have-not (e.g., food restrictions) for almost an entire month, wherein I consumed less than 500 calories a day. I regained all my weight and muscle my first month out of the house.

    Oh, and your critique of OUR racism comes off as a bit disingenuous when, in your next breath, you tell a Jewish man he’d look fuckable if he “gave up the concentration camp look.” Regarding your critique of what you interpret as OUR racism, I say to you:

    Have the courage to own your convictions. It’s hard to take anything you say seriously when you hide behind anonymity.

  28. Wow, today at work I decided to finally catch up on the last 4 episodes… Imagine my surprise when I came to this one and the old intro music was back. At first I thought it was a “classique” episode, but no… 118, 119… 120! Before I listened, I had to know what the deal was… So here I am reading Vera is no longer a part of Eat This Hot Show. I read some of the comments, especially about the chemistry between the “original” three, and I’m sure it’s correct… Too many times the show would come to a grinding halt for no other reason that personality clash, or, even worse, pure apathy for a subject… And sadly I have to say, it always seemed to revolve around Vera’s sequestered world view that contributed to this. That being said… I LOVED Vera and will miss her dearly. I’m looking forward to listening to this episode now without the distraction of wondering what the hell happened.

  29. Ragan, (auto-correct fail)

    Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed the dynamic between yourself, Madge and Wanda; but to not address Veras absence was like trapping (your) poorly placed fart in a balloon, then slowly releasing it over an hours time right into the face of a person who delivered some great content to a wonderful show.

    By the way, I would be happy to create a new banner including your handsome face, pro-bono in lieu of a donation.

  30. Paul:

    It wasn’t _my_ place to address Vera’s departure, which is why your comment left me flummoxed. In other words, it wasn’t my fart, nor was it my balloon. I had nothing to do with Vera’s departure & it wasn’t my place to contextualize why she left; so I don’t get what any of this has to do with my class (despite the fact that I take pride in not having any).

    As for the banner, I’m happy with what we’ve got now. I think it’s funny. I’d only be in favor of changing it if it made Vera feel slighted or un-CUM-fart-ABLE.

    From what I understand, there’s no drama or bad blood in this shift, so don’t turn this into a tempest in teapot, pppPPpppPPaul.



  31. I would be very happy if someone out there were to volunteer to fix this wordpress blog so that it works with the now standard wordpress threaded comments. If inturdrested (please) email bloatedlesbian AT gmail

  32. I too listened to ETHS from the very start. Lucky Bitch Radio and FoF were among the first gay podcasts I listened to, and it was because Ragan appeared on one of them that I started to listen to Fox and the City (Or in, I never remember which it is).

    I stopped listening to FoF shortly after the fall out, but not JUST because of the fall out. There were other reasons too.

    Anyway: I LOVE having Ragan back on the show, yet I will also miss Vera. It’s kinda like Doctor Who; I love Matt Smith while I still miss David Tennant.

    I also liked that the old chemistry was back emediatly as if Ragan was never gone. *Bursts into As If We Never Said Goodbye from Sunset Blvd*

    QuinQuin: Jag får det till fyra svenskar i den här diskussionen i alla fall, men vem vet hur stort mörkertalet är som sagt!

    And if anybody’s wondering what where writing in Swedish, there’s Google Translate, just cut and paste! 😉

  33. “Oh, and your critique of OUR racism comes off as a bit disingenuous when, in your next breath, you tell a Jewish man he’d look fuckable if he “gave up the concentration camp look.” So, I guess you get a pass Ragan right? Only YOU can be unPC and offensive. Oh, and I didn’t know you were Jewish, but that’s fairly unimportant here. Madge, who IS Jewish, works with African Americans and says racist shit all the time on her other podcast. I’m sure you’ll be happy to hear that I won’t be listening to your bitchcast anymore. Get fucked gurls.

  34. I might be the only one here who hasn’t heard of Mr Fox before (forgive me, I am a Mexican and ignorant). I think he is great, very intelligent and has interesting thoughts and opinions.

    ETHS without Vera nowever will not be the same, but that is life I guess. I will miss her contributions a lot, especially the interaction between Vera and Madge which was often very intense and sometimes even thrilling. Her rich experience and her wisdom gathered in many many years added a lot of value to the discussions, not to mention all her technical and professional expertise.

    Thank you Vera for some of the best shows I have listened to by now. I am looking forward to the new ETHS and I am sure it will be much better than DALLAS with the “new” Miss Ellie (it took me years to get over that). Thank goodness Mr Fox is cute – that always helps 🙂

  35. The comical interaction between Madge and Vera will be missed, somehow the sound of Magde sucking Ragans ass just isnt a replacement. Although Ragan is a much better informed host. You could tell that Vera had been over ETHS for a while.

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