10 thoughts on “ETHS #119 A is A”

  1. Pretty tense with Veraids ranting on Madges grum….I could sense Madge was a boilin ! I listen 2 Madges grum and will defend it ! ..I love the Grum holder and all the good audio content w/ Rylch ect. I thought Vera was into audio? Well, Madges grum has alot of good audio clips ect ! I like the cycles of Madge, thats when I violently back and forth in meditation masturbation ! Vera Finds Madges talent in her speaking and rambling ability..she dont like Madge fuckin w/ Rylch and other assholes like me ! Oh well, was a good grum !

  2. Hladies, I’m sad to say that this is a pretty bad show! Not as bad as the one where you had Cheryl Merkowski as a co-ho when you tried to resurrect the show for the first time after Ragan left (which didn’t work at all with the format, as I’m sure you know yourselves), but surely only one level further above, probably the same as episodes 1-9 were. Madge was a (hot) mess, and I’m afraid Wanda’s been drinking again. If only Vera could have gotten a word in every now and again, to put the other two hladies in their places, I’m sure it wouldn’t have been as all over the place as it was.

    Maybe I need to put a different mindset to it, maybe I’d have to read it as camp to enjoy it, because in comparison the all the episodes you put out over the last say 18 months, this sucked!

  3. Let me figure that one out, SCDJ. Wanda lives in Minisota, Minisota is known for its Swedish settlers coming to the US in the 19th century, Sweden’s government owns Absolut, so I’m guessing she’s been relapsing on Absolut Vodka…
    Either that or she was high on endorphines due to extended cross fit and marathon training sessions while recording.

  4. Yes, it’s possible to remove Supreme Court justices through the impeachment process, although it’s never been done. One justice was impeached by the House but acquitted by the Senate.
    I agree with Madge’s recent comment about discussing “solutions.” I’m not sure of the show’s purpose if it’s just a bitch-fest with no grasp of the underlying facts, much less any talk of what might be done . . .

  5. I like Vera’s approach to ritualized punishment for education purposes, but I resent the idea of using physical violence as that ritual. I don’t think this helps the purpose.
    In terms of death penalty, I have read reports that it doesn’t work as deterrence, crime rates in countries/states that execute murderer are not at all lower than in areas that don’t. I have never thought about this having a cathartic purpose for society as a general (apart from the victim’s relatives), so this is a new aspect that I have to think about. I’m anti death penalty btw.

  6. I know exactly how Vera felt when she heard her 40s and 50s music blasting down the cul-de-sac from the house up the hill. Only recently I was walking down the street, talking on the phone, being busy, when someone played the prelude to Thus Spake Zarathustra, and I just had to stop, drop the phone in the middle of a sentence and listen to the beauty of this music.
    On the other hand, I hate it when people play music that I don’t like and force me to listen. I remember a bus ride from Auschwitz back to Krakow where some obnoxious Polish teen thought it would be a good idea to entertain the whole bus by using his shitty cell phone speaker as a ghetto blaster…

  7. I agree with Madge, it’s a little over the top and pretentious that Miss Thing has to constantly have smoothies and green teas delivered whenever it’s on the air. “look at me, look at me everybody, see how much I’m loved” I have to go throw up now.

  8. Let me join in on baseless bitching about a free show! BARF BARF BARF


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