7 thoughts on “ETHS 118 Tighty WHitey”

  1. What I would like to know is, are the Smoothies the Grinch produces during recording time made from scratch or Vons-bought?

  2. @Madge: I usually go by my first baptismal name, but since you seem to know all of them, I shall henceforth be called Hyacinth by you.

  3. Of course Beyonce stole Lorella Cuccarini’s presentation. She did it with Fosse and ‘Mexican Breakfast’ for Put a Ring on it and didn’t say anything about it until the internets started its chatter. Gal can sing and dance, but is no original choreographer.

  4. I love Madge’s suggestion of having something positive OR a solution, hell give us something, a glimmer of hope at the very least. It doesn’t even need to be every issue, just once a grum. I love ETHS and the meta conversations you have about social and political trends, very few people have those conversations and there’s a lot of worth to it.

    I read this blog post that’s really terrific and puts a lot of perspective into all these problems we have, this is especially true for Vera’s all consuming fatalism – there are a lot of the things that have gotten better over the last few hundred years alone.

    Read it, it’s very short, very poignant and I’d love if you could discuss it on the next grum.


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