8 thoughts on “ETHS117 Sarah Palin’s Arizona”

  1. Vera my darling,

    Is it possible to use what have been lobbed as slurs (ethnic and racial) in other contexts, thus evacuating them of their historical baggage?

    par example: let’s substitute towel headed with other words

    nip goat fuckers
    chink goat fuckers
    nigger goat fuckers

    For me towel head has the same power as the n-words and c-words even taken out of their normal context.

    Your thoughts?

  2. Excellent showgrum! Well done ladies.

    Has anyone else noticed that Madge is full of topics whenever she isn’t the host?

  3. One for Vera: apperently Florida legislature working on baggy pants law. Hopefully walking around in public with your trousers like you’re about to take a dump will be outlawed world wide.
    Skirt Girdle

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