ETHS #89 We’re so GLAD to be back with you in this INTIMATE setting.

Creating and posting this show was no easy task.
We discuss Capitalism, pig knuckle, Vera’s safari, “I Love My Gays”, our former Cohost Ragan Fox on Big Brother, and more.


17 thoughts on “ETHS #89 We’re so GLAD to be back with you in this INTIMATE setting.”

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  2. finullaids!
    after one year of checking the feed on a more-or-less hourly basis, my iturds picked up a new episode 🙂
    so ‘mazing! thnx grrrls!

  3. Ladies,
    I’m so thrilled this is back. You gals talk about how ETHS sucks and is a trainwreck but there’s literally nothing like this show, a bunch of interesting personalities get together and really talk about the shit that we just scate over, podcasting and to a wider extent the gay community needs this show.

    Keep it up!

  4. Thanks for the hilarious eargasm, gals!!! I was on the subway in DC and was laughing out loud. Got some looks!

  5. I am so happy to hear a new episode of ETHS that I’m not even mad at you for leaving me hanging for over a year. This is my must-listen podcast, connects me to the days when podcasting was young and queercasters had more of a community going. I’m watching Big Brother for the same reason: Ragan and only Ragan, and love to hear you talking about it too!

    Thanks also for helping me understand why I’ve felt offended rather than flattered when girls say “I love my gays” — it’s the implied ownership, like we are pets, as Madge put it. I guess an appropriate response might be “Bitch, I’m not your poodle.”

    Hope to hear you again next week!

  6. YAY Eat these hot pussy lyps is blaque. I mean YAY Eat this HOT show is back. The talks about gym/yoga clothes, Ragan, stoopid fag hags, quapitalisim, and critical thoughts. You girlzz are SO AMAZING

  7. In Kathy Griffin’s defense, she has been protesting against both Prop8 and DADT, speaking at rallies as well as canvassing and encouraged the viewer’s of her reality show to write to their senator in order to convince them to vote against DADT in the fall.

  8. Are we being teased?!?!?!

    When is the next show going to be posted?!?!?!?

    Hurry, I can’t wait for another!

  9. This has been the greatest gift. Thank you! And I see there’s another show in the queue. Thank you!!!

  10. You three spoke a bit about the role of modern day Christianity in realizing capitalist aspirations. I would HIGHLY recommend reading the book Bright-sided: How the Relentless Promotion of Positive Thinking Has Undermined America, by Barbara Ehrenreich. It also explains the origin of the American scene of entitlement and our relentless pursuit of money and power.

    What I read about these “positive thinking” people was obscene, although, what’s new?

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