8 thoughts on “ETHS90 Lindsay Petroleum”

  1. White Ladies,

    When I listen to your shows I find myself in critical thought, trying to solve the presented problems.
    TED is geniuses however I regurgitate that information instead using it in a mentally strenuous way.
    Thanks for the paypal link, I’ll donate when I’m not a poor little white boy.

  2. Love that the shows are back! Just be careful to not interrupt Vera so much. She gets so angry, and it frightens me.

  3. Yay! You finally got to used the album art that I made.

    Welcome back ladies! A hole has been filled with your big voices. Thanks for talking about the issues that matter and even the ones that don’t 😉

  4. i lol’d at the album art

    so happy the grum is back

    angelsangelsangelsangles ssssoo amaaaazinggg

  5. Ladies, how are we supposed to donate exactly? All the paypal button does is send me to my paypal account. You’d think Madge would have this kind of thing down to a fine art, many years of practice.

    P.S I’m a poor little (read:big) white boy and I’m still donating, donate anyway!

  6. BUT……… madge…………

    Think about the “bill of goods” the average citizen has been sold in order to support the fat cats. We’ve been somehow convinced that convenience is the way of life. And why should we think the average american is going to critically think about that?????

    …not gonna happen… folks are WAY to busy keeping up with what they have been lead to believe is a good life…

    I don’t believe there is anything fundamentally wrong with the average american. Given the right information; they’d come around.

    But, good luck getting them that info to them; and then good luck finding a way to help them slow down and listen.

    We’re so mired in the muck of consumerism, the prospect of change is dim.

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