We’re back… for nows! We talk about healthcare, Wanda’s new hypotheticals, and Vera’s relapse of apathy.


21 thoughts on “ETHS 88 LYPWRECKED”

  1. Just so you don’t complain “Oh, we only got one comment”…

    Thank gawd you all did a show. Now do another. Dance, monkeys, dance! Also, I loved the “relapse” question. I nearly wet myself. Of course, I was busy having my fifth relapse that day.

  2. I think Vera’s return to apathy is rather typical. Many people see politics as something they do once every four years. I would’ve phrased my answer thusly: Just because I might disagree with Obama about this or that or become angry at this or that lack of action doesn’t mean I should divorce myself from the process entirely.

  3. REALLY – so Madge has time to record 3 hours at a time of poopin’ panty with Cheryl but none to record ETHS with *intelligent* and *interesting* ladies? Hmmm…

  4. I’d love to hear Madge and Vera yammer about Wanda’s new boyfriend. Its almost been two months since the last show ladies

  5. I sure do miss you ladies :/ Perhaps there is at least one more show before the holidays – a tragic and humorous Christmas gift??

  6. 3 months. Looks like the three of you are no longer interested. If you were you could at least post a reply to let us know what’s going on but I suppose that might require a Herculean effort.

    Your tag line, “like The View, only less annoying” is especially true given that there is NO SHOW to be annoyed by.

  7. Are you gals considering a Christmas special, since you haven’t had a show in so long. It would be a real ho-ho-holiday treat!

  8. PLEASE! at least 1 show a month, something! If you can all do a thou of your own shows, why can’t you even get to the hundies with ETHS?

  9. Wanda mentioned on her postcast last week that you all were starting back up this week. Oh please oh please come back babies! If anything do it as a shameless attempt to harness some of the PR swelling around the shameless Ms. Fox.

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