15 thoughts on “Eat This Hot Show #87 – Blame it on Papa!”

  1. Vera says that in the US doctors are in it for the money. Here in the UK, doctors get payed more than enough. Just to note: under Britain’s National Health Service (NHS), I pay nothing for going to the doctor or to hospital. If I were to need a prescription, I would pay a low, flat rate each week. And I pay for dental treatment. That is all. And if you are unemployed, fees for dentistry and prescriptions are reduced, often to nothing. Also, dentistry and prescriptions are free for the elderly and for children.

    The healthcare system is good enough here that most people just take it for granted – it’s something you just don’t think about. It’s just normal and standard that if you get sick, you get treatment. And that’s as it fucking well ought to be. If someone has a heart attack, they should just get treatment.

    Here’s the thing: we pay only a tiny amount more tax than the US. The US tax wedge is 29.5% while the UK is 31.5%. For that extra two percent, we get almost complete health coverage. None of our political parties want to change this – even our Conservative party are claiming that they would spend more on the health service than the Labour party (and they claim to be fully in support of civil partnerships). We had years of Thatcher and her free market fanaticism, but she didn’t dare touch the health service.

    And our health system is nowhere near as good to what they have in France and Germany and other EU countries.

    Don’t let right wing assholes lie about healthcare in UK and EU. “Socialised”? So fucking what. A small amount more tax means you can stop worrying about pre-existing conditions, insurance bureaucrats and super-expensive prescriptions.

  2. OMG! My ladies are back. I missed you ladies so much. Please do leave us hanging like that again. I almost started looking for a new podcast to listen to. I listen to each of your podcasts and love hearing you ladies together. Thanks for taking the time to do the podcast.

    You fan,

  3. Today I am happy the most ever since Madgala doesn’t talk to that pee and poop eater man. I don’t like that guy because he is crazy and Madgala should talk more nice with Auntie and Wanda, not with such a kook. That orange woman makes a spell on Madge with her all the time talk about her poor laps. I don’t care no more about that laps and Madge should just say enough already with it and send that dummypants to the poopeater man and they can go have a good time with their poor laps and pee drinks. I like Dr. Pepper and grilled cheese.

  4. Yea!! New show!! Yea!!

    Madge sure was in a good mood. Vera, a little quiet, and Wanda…well, her junk falling out is still a good topic of conversation.

  5. Great Grum Girls! Between Vera ripping
    on Liza and Madge’s take on The Clit Monologues, I was pissing my panties.
    It was well worth the wait!

    Ps. Vera and Wanda sure don’t dig Cheryl. Cheryl is a required taste, but
    I love her!

  6. Good grum. Lets hope the unemployed find time again in their schedule to record once or dare I say twice in August.

  7. Hmmm, well, I don’t know about a “required taste,” or if taste necessarily has anything to do with Cheryl, but if you must, I would have to say, she is somewhat of an ACQUIRED taste.

  8. Hi, this is Aunt Carol.

    You know, ever since I got run over by that septic truck with the bad brakes & the crazy Asian driver, I’ve been thinking about life, my life.

    It’s time to make a change, to turn a corner, to rip out the butt plug of indecision and say “YES, GOD DAMMIT!” to livin’.

    And thus forthwith, I’ve decided to make Michele Bachmann’s re-election a burning reality. Which reminds me of the 27 times I got the clappers.

    This message has been paid for by “Syphillitics for Bachmann 2010.” We Got What You Need!

    I’m Aunt Carol and I ate poo this morning.

  9. They come and tease our twats and get us all juicy before leaving the lips flapping in the wind again.

    WE MISS YOU!!!!

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