ETHS86: Pin the Tail on the Asshole

Let’s play pin the tail on the asshole as we taze ole ladies (not Vera).


24 thoughts on “ETHS86: Pin the Tail on the Asshole”

  1. Ladies, I’m siding with the cop. And I can’t stand cops! I think she thought because she was old and has a vagina that she can do what she wants. The clip I saw made a good point. If she would have stormed into traffic that cop would be guilty of not protecting her.

    He waited until the 5th warning to zap her! That’s more patience than most cops would muster. I think she needed more juice!

  2. GAH! Ok. Here’s why the “California (or any state) is a lost cause” statement is utter crap. It’s a march on Washington DC. It’s a statement that we will not put up with this state by state fight. We all deserve equal rights regardless of which state we call home. This state’s rights bullshit was settled a long time ago.

  3. Can’t say I’m feeling sympathy for the criminal.
    Why would her being old or a grandmother make her any less culpable?

  4. She was speeding and then lied about her behavior. Notice how many times she referred to her age, playing the same elderly card that is bankrupting America? She got what she deserved. I just feel sorry for the officer who is now going to be sued by this clueless woman.

  5. Hey Vera, me and my boyfriend do the same thing, MMmmm Hmmmm, Wensday, Hole Don and my favorite, Thas Good…
    Yeah it’s a rotten thing for an old woman to be tazed, but what always bothers me in stories like this is how they overemphasize that she’s Grandma or a Great Grandma. So she fucked some guy 50 years ago, squeezed out a few puppies, and just didn’t happen to die yet. So what?

  6. like someone said earlier, you ladies are worth the wait. We all need a holiday. I Look forward to hearing you gals together again soon.

  7. Why you make us wait long time? Now my bunions ache like baby jesus cry because you hurt my feelings for many times now. I go to the i pod but you no there and i make little bit water in my sweatypant. Come back already tomorrow yes? I look at you then okay. Michael Jackson really have childrens name blanket? I like name. I name my son Afghan maybe. It sound like fancy blanket. Okay then. Don’t forget to eat some ground chuck if it’s on sale. bye.

  8. Hi Ladies. I listen to your separate ‘casts and love them all, but ETHS is really something special. I actually find myself saving them up to some degree (like food, I like to get the crappier ones over with first). I join the choir of voices saying “please make more!”

  9. If absence is a side effect of sobriety, I’m sticking with on time Vodka Vera.

    In the meantime, I’m also enjoying the PNS Explosion and the GAYPIMP.

  10. I don’t wish to make idle threats SWEETIES, but if no NEW ETHS podcasts appear SOON, I’ll be forced to turn my ipod into a fucking BUTT PLUG!

    And I’ve got an ipod touch & a bad case of ‘ROIDS my honeys, so this is a matter of major ASS STRETCHING proportions!

    Can you feel my pain? Well would you LIKE to BITCHES?

    Ask NOT for whom the ipod vibes, it vibes for thee.

    Or maybe that’s my cell phone. Or just critters.

    Sincerely, your Number 2 fan.


    A: Madge Weinstein’s car seat, when she’s drunk & slutty (or it’s thursday).

    Okay, putting down the crackpipe now. That’s the last time I smoke crystal light.

    I’m told it causes reTURDation.



    High taxes SUCK BIG JUICY BALLS, you dirty liberals.

    Signed, a proud teabagging Conservative of America, God Dammit!

  13. they’re all lezzing out somewhere together right now. stop sucking the clits and licking the lyups and start recording some shit!!! stupid bitches jesus christ

  14. Ladies, get it together. This show is waaay better than all your individual ‘grums combined… oh wait, right.

  15. The old hag got $40k from the taxpayers of Travis County. She wanted $135k. Get tazed…get money.


    I live in a ultra conservative county. The taxes are extremely high. Enough said.

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