29 thoughts on “ETHS 85: PRIDE!”

  1. Read Consumer Reports at the bookstore!

    Buy a Vizio 32″ – VW32L – for 380 bucks and up on dell or walmart’s websites

  2. Jesus, you’re really trying for comments. If you guys wanna do time off, maybe you oughta consider guest hosts? I’m old, fat, and bald. I could take Vera’s spot. Now you just have to come up with a lesbian with food allergies, and a singlesober drag queen hostess with the mostest.

  3. You talked about legalization of street drugs but what about decriminalization? Instead of jail time you get a fine.

    I thought you 3 ladies stopped reading comments months ago. But since you still do, Hello 🙂

  4. I haz a question to ax.
    If you three can see the download stats you’ll already know people are downloading the podcast, so what is it that you want from people’s comments?

  5. Hey go get you LCD at Sams club if you can I paid $1500 thats with a 4 year warranty for a 47″ phillips LCD with 4 hdmi ports three component inputs and it running at 120hz which is very very important so you dont see any ghosting in the picture when watching movies or playing games.

    what ever you do make sure your future tv is and can run at 120hz Im pretty sure the new led tv are running or can run at 500hz.good luck.

  6. I miss the days when ETHS was a ‘contest’ for the ‘nxt guest host.’ This grum couldve used some cheryl.

  7. Here’s a comment! Take it, enjoy it! I comment all the time – DO I GET ANY NOTICE – Whine whine whine!

    Thankfully less Cheryl. She’s too ugly to be on with the beautiful ladies.

  8. Wonderful show as always!
    Keep up the good work ladies. and please dont take the summer off.

  9. Gewd show, laydaids.

    Interesting talk about the drugz at the end…

    eat my comment out, c’moooon!!

  10. I forget to leave comments. Sorry. I do love the show. I probably looked even more insane today on my walk laughing and smiling uncontrollably. The garbage man waved at me.

  11. Can we say Train Wreck?!


    No, really I love you all but a little light on content this week but hey they all can’t be Oscar winners.

    Madge was retarded but it was good to hear her laugh so much.

    Vera was getting a little annoyed at one point but I kind of side with her on that too. And Vera if you tall a story twice, that’s ok I do that every day of my life, some stories need more than one telling. Maybe they should make a movie of your life?!

    Wanda get the plasma hun, I have a 42 incher (boaster!) and they are so much better than LCD, though they do eat a little more power, so take your pick.

    Take care!

  12. Saw the turquass panty pic. Somebody has been taking care of themselves.
    And all along I thought they meant “washtub abs”

  13. Generally LCD tvs are for brighter rooms, plasma tvs are for darker rooms. LCD tvs are usually less expensive. I love my 42″ LCD-HDTV–but you really must choose the proper size for the room.

  14. GAHHH LADIES PLEASE! My week starts on a friday and I look forward to laughing on my way to work, I am not being let down twice in a row! GAH!!! IM JONES’N FOR SOME ETHS!!! >_< Serve it up ladies! PRONTO!!!!! ^.~ love ya

  15. What the hell is up? Where are the show bitches? LOL! So when are you going to grace us with some new shows Ladies?

  16. I left a comment, but for some reason it never posted. This podcast is such a wonderful mix off all your personalities. I listen to all 4 shows. Keep the good stuff coming!

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