7 thoughts on “ETHS83: The Best Costume for the Day”

  1. Vera.
    You are such a fantastic sensitive woman/man/thing.
    And an amiable cunt.

    Of course when your personal life gets messed up then you/one shrinks your/ones perspective. I mean, you got to be ok yourself to be able to really help any one else.

    On the other hand, I love your:
    “Ah, Shut The F Up already with your Self-Awareness! Just let your hair down!”. I love your joviality! Twice.

  2. I just wanted to weigh in on the discussion about online personas, and levels of sensitivity.

    I personally liked the conversation, and feel that Wanda’s reaction was as self-serving as she was claiming that there is reaction was. In the effort to not be self-absorbed (yes, I have done my time in The Program), one can go too far in the opposite direction, ending up still being self- centered. Wanda: you appear to have felt that Vera’s topic was something that you would prefer not to be discussing, thus were appearing to treat your concerns as more important than hers, while simultaneously worrying more about her reactions than your own. As a listener, I found the topic to be quite interesting, and I’m glad that it was discussed. Obviously, you’ll never be able to please all of the people all of the time, and I might be in the minority, but I really wish that they would not be such an effort to shut down discussions on the interpersonal dynamics between the three of you. I think that anything should be game in this show. A little bit of navelgazing is more than fine…

  3. OMG. I just have to say the part that made me cracked up, bursting into laughters like a crazy person was when Madge’s comment about the Curry and the Ghraib! Jeez. You guys are good.

    The Madge-Vera’s conversation was interesting. Particularly for other podcasters. We may be podcasters, but we’re still your listeners.

  4. I really enjoyed this episode particularly the conversation regarding public podcast personas vs the “real thing”. Gave me a bit of insight that I didn’t have before.

  5. I love and respect Vera, however, she, of all people must be aware that when you put yourself “out there” into the public, you must be aware that there will be people who get the public persona and the private life. And there will be those who do not understand the whole idea of a performance.

    If you put it out there it is fair game and you should not get upset if people go with it. Most people are idiots and don’t understand that you and the Fat One or Madge play off of each other.

    Bad form on trying to shut down the discussion. If Vera felt it was a valid topic, he should be allowed to run with it.

    Still…love the line-up.

  6. Thanks for discussing Grey Gardens! My wife and I watched the remake on HBO and now we’re most of the way through the documentary. My wife is now obsessed with All Things Edie! I fear she may lose her job because she spends all day looking up everything she can about the Beales.

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