8 thoughts on “ETHS82: Eat This Hot Nursing Home”

  1. I need to listen to this depression stories thing before I can completely dismiss it, but from the way it sounds, it’s newage horseshit masquerading as science. I hope I can eat my words.

  2. I just listened to the Easter show. My favorite shows are the ones where you ladies fight and argue.
    Especially the ones where Vera gets upset, its nice to see the “real” Auntie Vera in those rare moments.
    I will give this show good press for sure!

  3. The dynamic between you three is amazing and obviously quite realistic. Although I know that most of what you say reflects your opinions and feelings I think one can clearly see that this is a show with you playing certain roles. So I would disagree with Charles above. I don’t think the audience will ever see the “real” Vera because “Vera” is a piece of art. An internet persona who clearly is different from the real human behind all this. The same is true for Madge and Wanda I suppose, although I guess Madge actually might have some food allergies.

  4. Kim I agree with what your saying. I have heard vera on ETHS and Vera Speaks and I realize its an act, but I do think that when vera gets pissed like on the Easter show, the “real” auntie vera charles pops her head out of the water just a little.
    Now Wanda I dont know that well because I havent followed her, but Richard aka Madge I think is much more of a “Real” person. I dont think there is any phonie-ness about her.

  5. SUCH BUNK – the only thing not real about Auntie Vera is her name – it’s all her… (okay – gender games aside) You are really trying to get under people’s skin – but GUESS WHAT – you have no power here!

    The strength in podcasting is the fact of people’s realness. This trio is NOT phony in anyway.

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