8 thoughts on “ETHS81: The -ists and the -isms”

  1. Whew – the discussion re: suicide was intense (as should be expected) – but am grateful for all of your thoughtful insights as usual.

  2. Madge I was very sorry to hear about your experience with your suicidal friend. You should definitely take steps to talk about your experience. According to the DSM-IV and the APA experiencing loss to suiicde is on par psychologically with being imprisoned in a death camp. Unfortunately I have become an expert on this stuff as my partner who suffered from depression took his life some 10.5 months ago. Feel free to contact me if you need some info or would like to share/talk. I find it helpful to attend a support group (SOS) but I’m not necessarily recommending that in your case. Although it can be helpful for listeners in my situation.

  3. About Sweden… We’ve had civil unions for gay people for, more than a decade – I’m not sure how long though – where it was called “Registered Partnership”. For a couple of years now there have been a process to make the law fully equal so it would be called marriage for same sex relationships as well. And so on April 1st a majority in the Swedish parliament voted for this law that makes it possible for same sex couples to get married. Almost all political parties, both right and left on the scale voted for the law, while only the Christian Democrats voted against – and they’re a very small minority – plus some occasional members of other parties who voted against or refrained from voting.

    Same sex couples can chose wether to get married as a civil union or in church. BUT – and this is the sick part – priests who feel it’s against their faith have the right to say no and refuse to marry same sex couples. They have the right to keep on discriminating.

  4. I replayed the final 2 minutes over and over to my delight, “A small dick poke you, a big dick open you up! A little dick make you angry!” I also played it for friends and they laughed too. Hysterical, thank you, ladies.

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