5 thoughts on “ETHS 80: Reality?”

  1. I’ll admit that Survivor is a guilty pleasure of mine, albeit engineered. I think the worst reality tv programs are the confessional talk shows where the producers are behind the scenes goading on the troubled individuals to say hurtful and insensitive things. Great show, ladies!

  2. Glad to hear in her 60th year Madge is focusing on the positive. I’m sure she’ll find lots of positive in the Lword bathouse.

    AVC sounds so cute when she’s confused. “I don’t even know what _cock_ blocking is.” awww, sweet.

  3. When I was in high school I would make my friends come over to watch “Pink Flamingos.” They loved it up until the dog shit, but at least they made it to the end. So next time these SS-anon queens give you shit at least you know southern teenage girls can outlast those marys.

  4. I don’t trust anyone who can’t enjoy if not love the early John Waters stuff. Female Trouble is my favorite, though I fell in love with Pink Flamingos first.

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