10 thoughts on “ETHS 79: Boring and Bitchy”

  1. I presume that was misplaced or misdirected anger we heard. Boy was it disturbing. First time I’ve ever had to shut off a podcast and return to it later.

  2. Wow – this was intense 🙂 Promise never to part or divorce, that would be a shame – whoever said Americans would be superficial and shallow definitely did not know you guys

  3. Maybe the subtitle should be “Passive / Aggressive for Your Listening Pleasure.” Still loved the show, honaye.

  4. Never before have I had to pull over the car, turn off the engine and laugh so hard. I have listened to practically every show, but have never heard the kind of exchange between two co-hosts that I heard between Madge and Vera. And on Mothers’ Day too! (22.03.09 in the UK). Just as things were calming down around 08’00” when Vera stated she was going to say something to explain her point, then Madge corrected her with “finna say”. That tipped things over the edge and I was really afraid that the podcast (in terms of the original recording) was going to stop and resume a half-hour or an hour later. The “finna say” incident had me in stitches. It’s bad enough when someone corrects your grammar (think Oxbridge type who has an A-Level in Latin), but when someone corrects you urban grammar-wise – that is the limit! With Wanda in the middle of it, I could feel her pain and desperation. One of the best shows ever. This was a podcast crash waiting to happen and we all rubbernecked to see the wreckage.

  5. This show was hilarious no matter the frustrations or bickering expressed. Vera – the song was expertly placed: impeccable timing! LOVE you ladies!

  6. No show during my b’day week. Shucks. I assign responsibility to the governor of VT, great value brand fancy sharp shredded cheddar cheese, straight and narrow co-workers on top of the 700 Club.

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