6 thoughts on “ETHS 74: Welcome Mat”

  1. The Merrie Melodies style “Three Blind Mice” was just precious. I’m jealous of all your Valentine’S plans. I was thinking of making this for me and hubby.

  2. Madge!
    You shouldn’t be too quick about changing your status to Single. You never know what Clarissa is capable of…


    Please, don’t refer to Pippi LÃ¥ngstrump when speaking of that vile excuse for a human being called Tzipi.

    Passive Aggressiveness is just as bad as Active.

    gotta 2nd Allen about those Merrie Melodies intermezzos. Top Class, ladies! Work that Skype-thing!

  3. Re Vera’s rant about ETHS e-mail: maybe people send it to you because this site doesn’t list the e-mail address; nor do you guys and gals mention it on the show (except for one time many moons ago, if I recall).

  4. Lol – excellent editing 🙂 Where do you always find this funny music –
    I am sitting on a bag of fish too 🙂 actually on two – but lesbians love that, haven’t you noticed yet Madge? 🙂

    I love it how you three ladies manage to combine serious topics with hilarious absurdity. This show is haute cuisine of podcasting. In fact what you ladies do is not only a show, it is so often more; it is art.

  5. I think it’s entertaining to hear the ladies discuss how awful the show is or seems to be for them, but to us we just chuckle and listen all the way through with excitement.

    Madge, Wanda and Auntie Vera – would you call 206.203.1260 and say Happy Hundred to Loopy Fruit podcasdt?

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