9 thoughts on “ETHS75: Wanda Wisdom Don’t Even Have Enough Panties for Every Day of the Week!”

  1. Oh what a happy day!
    • old joke but it made my dad laugh. Oh but he is old, very old.
    • LOVE the crazy lady! I wish we could all have a temper tantrum now and then.

  2. You mean to tell me that one Mrs. Auntie Vera Charles could not bother herself to look down to see if she was using a “MacBook Pro” or a “PowerBook.” Lord have mercy, I thought I was lazy! 😉

  3. Madge,

    The 13 inch Macbook has a removable battery and hard drive. It is the 17 inch that doesn’t have the removeable battery. iFixit.com recently posted how to remove the battery though so there is a way but it is not as easy as the 13 inch.

    I love the show ladies!!!!!!

  4. What Madge said about universal health care is right on. I have insurance that I pay for every month and I’ve still spent hundreds of dollars on medical care in the last month. Ridiculous.

  5. Madge, I totally know what you mean
    when you say, “When you see another’s woman’s pussy you go broke.” BAD LUCK

    Auntie Vera, “I have two words, PC!”
    i have two words for you, CHEAP ASS!

    Wanda, Why you be dumpin’ on our
    Cheryl? especially at this difficult time
    in her life.


    Ps. I miss Penny Pang Chang

  6. oh dear rhonda, Vera may be many things – but cheap is not one of them. She is only too modest to show off her fabulous wealth.

    but I agree – great show again!

    You three girls are good, even when you are bad – 🙂

  7. I’m catching up – this was a stellar progrum! The three of you had great timing (no talking over each other) and sparkling banter. I loved the conversation about fist*ng – Auntie V and Gootch going to the mystery theatre – Wanda mentioning she’s more of an elbow gal – Madge disgusted as always…

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