9 thoughts on “ETHS75: Wanda Wisdom Don’t Even Have Enough Panties for Every Day of the Week!”

  1. You mean to tell me that one Mrs. Auntie Vera Charles could not bother herself to look down to see if she was using a “MacBook Pro” or a “PowerBook.” Lord have mercy, I thought I was lazy! 😉

  2. Madge,

    The 13 inch Macbook has a removable battery and hard drive. It is the 17 inch that doesn’t have the removeable battery. iFixit.com recently posted how to remove the battery though so there is a way but it is not as easy as the 13 inch.

    I love the show ladies!!!!!!

  3. What Madge said about universal health care is right on. I have insurance that I pay for every month and I’ve still spent hundreds of dollars on medical care in the last month. Ridiculous.

  4. Madge, I totally know what you mean
    when you say, “When you see another’s woman’s pussy you go broke.” BAD LUCK

    Auntie Vera, “I have two words, PC!”
    i have two words for you, CHEAP ASS!

    Wanda, Why you be dumpin’ on our
    Cheryl? especially at this difficult time
    in her life.


    Ps. I miss Penny Pang Chang

  5. oh dear rhonda, Vera may be many things – but cheap is not one of them. She is only too modest to show off her fabulous wealth.

    but I agree – great show again!

    You three girls are good, even when you are bad – 🙂

  6. I’m catching up – this was a stellar progrum! The three of you had great timing (no talking over each other) and sparkling banter. I loved the conversation about fist*ng – Auntie V and Gootch going to the mystery theatre – Wanda mentioning she’s more of an elbow gal – Madge disgusted as always…

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