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  1. I’d stopped commenting here because Vera hates me and has a lack of humor when it comes to herself but…this show was the best in a loooong time.

    Madge…please don’t discount the impact that your Prep episode had. I refrained from commenting on it because of the disgust and anger I felt immediately after listening. It made me sick to think of all the friends and other people who died 20 some years ago so that this idiot could behave so irresponsibly today. I was amazed by your ability to remain so impartial and non-judgemental while you interviewed him…I couldn’t have done it. But it is episodes like that one that are what make Yeast Radio (and ETHS) so great. Not being one of the acid-souled, hate-filled listeners out here, let me say that I’m sincerely sorry for all the crap you’re dealing with. Thankfully I don’t have the relationship problems but I can 100% relate to you on the financial worries (except I have four kids to feed and further compound the problems). Things are really shitty for a LOT of people right now but like Vera and Wanda said, time will (hopefully) make things better. Did you watch the movie clip I emailed you? That should have been four minutes of cheer!

  2. “We only have sex when he is on a surf board” … That made me laugh so hard! How dare you say that Vera has no sense of humor? She is sensitive, deep, fascinating and a genius and she makes fun of herself all the time. Go listen to her show and you’ll see. Of course, that girl knows how to defend herself, so you better watch out when you mess with her. Did I mention that I love and adore her?

  3. I’ve watched WALL-E a few times (my kids love it) and one of the first people I thought of while watching it was Madge. It touches on a bunch of issues that Madge addresses as well as it having really fat lazy people in it. Madge, I think this is one you can enjoy if you need to watch a movie with kids.

  4. madge,
    this episode couldn’t have come at a better time for me. i am going through a breakup with a boyfriend that i had for almost 5 years. he told me that in his gut he just didn’t feel like we were meant to be together. he had been milling this over in his head for about 6 months or so until he decided to spring it on me about a week ago and moved out a few days later. no discussion, no warning, nothing….

    this feeling that i have does suck. so i know how you feel. all of my friends and family have been comforting me with the usual cliches and whatnot which i just don’t want to hear, but know them to be true. time is the only thing that will help. that sucks too…because don’t you just want to fast forward to a few months from now when it won’t hurt so bad? i know i do.

    with you in misery (for now),

  5. Madge, sorry to hear about you and Clarissa. But you’re smart to recognize the warning signs and get out early, before it got any uglier.

    Dan Savage always says that every romantic relationship fails until one doesn’t. So keep trying. It really is a crap shoot.

    I’ve had a similar experience as Vera where my partner isn’t necessarily my physical ideal, and I’m not his. But it seems to work.

    Great show. I like it when you gals generously open up to your gentle listeners.

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