7 thoughts on “ETHS 70 Happy New Year Not Really”

  1. Good grum, mostly.

    I am glad that Auntie VEERwhore loves me, but I’m very upset that she says she will not listen to YR because Madge is having guests. WHAT WILL HAPPEN IF ThAT WHORE DOESN’T LISTURD? Surely something bad.

    Good questions for 1turd. The painting, however, is… WELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL…. not the best work I ever seen. Couldn’t he have chosen one of the billions of great photos in your flickwhore account? What a mess. I mean, GREAT ART! How come no one recognized the racism in the background animals? Making fun of Lady Raptastic is not very nice, even if it is ark.

    For those wanting to see, the photo of mah boobs.


  2. I lost my lovely locks around my mid 20s, so I totally sympathize with Vera. I now keep it shorn, but I had hair that most people pay big bucks to achieve the same color…brown with auburn and blonde highlights…makes me wistful just thinking of it. Great to have you all back on my podcast list!!

  3. What’s with the styrofoam plates melting from a hot dog? Your mom must have made supper in the microwave? Was the sausage KOSHER, even?

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