11 thoughts on “ETHS 69 Eat Yourself”

  1. O honaye. It is nice to hear all you ladies again. It was especially nice to hear Madge and Wanda gang up on that whore AVC and also to hear you kids talk about me.

    “Why is it that you don’t deserve gooche? Is it because you’re fat or because you’re an alcoholic?”-Madge to AVC. Yeth honaye. Yeth.

  2. Aaah yes at last- another “tards.mp3” for my tard ears. Look forward to listening to you puffters again. Hope you had a nice cruise Vera.
    I like listening to ETHS of a Saturday.
    Always had a distinct preference for Madge & Wanda who turned the podcast thing inside out before it even became “awesome” & “rad” I’ll always remember Wanda’s winter soundseeing mince a couple years back & Madge can get fucked in an obviously talented type way. Genius mate. Queer podcasts are still the only ones worth listening to in my humble opinion “pop it bitch” & that.
    Vera’s dry wit is always a bonus.
    BTW: How do you spell facebook Cheryl?

  3. AVC:

    No. I am not ignorant. The french spelling is “Gooche” with a silent E. Much like “Shoppe”. Shop-aye honaye. Shop-aids.

    I do not deny, however, that I am a sun-dried whore.

    Thank you for your time and cunt-sid-whore-ation,


  4. You know I have a secret crush on you , don’t you? That’s why I’m always so nasty to you. Just like the little girl who punches the little boy at school all the time.

    Secret Hon-aids kisses,

  5. I agree – not feeling like doing something to better yourself is never a reason not to do it. What great pearls the ladies of ETHS share with us! I was thinking about that this morning on the way to work – it’s bitter weather and we’re about to be hit with an ice storm in Chicago… I would like to stay home, but that’s not a reason not to go to work! (I’m also blessed with paid employment, so there’s that.)

  6. Ahhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!
    Where is the next show!
    I was forced to listen to BigFattyOnline because you guys had no show! Help me now please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Hey ladies! I love the show so much, I’ve been listening since 2005.. I’m just starting to catch up.. I love you so much Vera you sock. I live in Hawaii and I know you were on vacation I would have loved to meet you… anyways I love you all.

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