18 thoughts on “ETHS 68 She was such beautiful bride… TIL WE SHOT HER IN THE FACE!”

  1. LOL! I love you Vera…”Watched any good movies?”

    Where’s this list of Prop 8 Supporters?? Give me a link please 🙂 Maybe I can do my own little part. Not that all of those companies do business in Canada but… anything I can do. Reminds me of the stories of the boycotts here in Canada and abroad of … what was it? Coors beer? That had a major affect. I think it was of Coors beer because I could never find Coors in any of the bars anywhere IF I drank beer 🙂

    Love you, Vulnerable Madge 🙂

  2. Thanks for the show, ladies. Madge, I hope you feel better soon, you’re almost as cranky as me lately.
    The link to the Prop 8 donors is at AntiGayBlacklist.com or CaliforniansAgainstHate.com .You can confirm Charles Pope’s donation (Seagate senior financial exec) at this page . I’m also joining in boycotting Seagate. Other tech companies on this list?

    Wanda, you should know – that when Marjorie, the manager of El Coyote in LA to whom you refer in the show, sat down with her employees and customers, it didn’t go so well. Some of these very personal decisions are very hard to change, and if you confront your friends and family and force them to choose between you or their church, most often you will lose.
    Which is why I disagree with your approach about the issue, Madge. Hostility and negativity to family is not the answer, IMHO.

  3. Hi Ladies/Lovies/Gentle Audience,

    Great show as always, just wanted some more info on the Prop 8 supporters. I found the SFGate database, but could not find anything on Seagate Harddrives in it. Please post something to give me a confirmation on this. At this time, I only buy Seagate drives, and have bought many. If this is true, that will end, but I haven’t yet been able to find any confirmation on this. I also wonder if there is a list of companies that supported prop 8. I vote both at the polling place and with my wallet. Thanks for the great show!


  4. Sorry I wrote too soon. I did find info on the Seagate and Prop 8 thing. Unless there is more I haven’t found yet, Seagate did not give money, rather Charles Pope, an officer and employee of Seagate Technologies, gave 50,000 as an individual, not as a rep of the company. He is also a Mormon. If there is more that involves Seagate as a company, please tell me. But this sounds more like some more of the mormons doings. Thanks for the great show and for keeping us informed.


  5. Madge, omg I had a roid a week or so ago.

    It was like .. the size of an iturds icon on ur dock .. like a medium-sized iturds icon.

    Long story short, u gotta ~~push it back in~~.

    And if you’re letting someone go downtown on you,
    just cover ur asshole with ur hand. Or clench your butt to hide it.

    And if they wanna stick it in ur butt, just b all, “i’m prolapsed, honaids.”

    then DON’T EAT! for like .. a long time or something idk.

    Mine went away, but then again .. i’m not an olde lesbian ..

  6. I wonder if the Mormons support of a ban on gay marriage is actually because of the fact that whenever the gay marriage topic arises people often go towards talking about people then being able to marry their pets etc.. Perhaps in fear that the public might look towards the Mormons and their polygamy once the gays can marry? The hierarchy might then have the masses looking to point the finger at them next in line (please)?

  7. It pains me but I think that realistically the only way America is going to get marriage equality is a detour through civil unions. Here in Britain, we’ve had civil partnerships for a few years now. All the predictions of the lunatic right haven’t come true, such to the point that even the Conservatives now support civil partnerships. They are pretty much here to stay, and now the vast majority of forms have “married or in a civil partnership”. It’s taken into account equally for everything from probate to student loan applications.

    It’s still not totally fair and won’t be until there is no linguistic difference. I’m hoping that what will happen is that civil partnerships will just become so normalized that in five or ten years time, nobody will even notice that the term is changed from civil partnerships to marriage (or vice versa).

    I see Obama has put up on change.gov full support for civil unions and repealing DOMA and DADT. Seize this opportunity. The semantics will have to wait. This is the exact strategy that the Religious Right have used successfully – they pass hundreds of laws every year that seem innocuous enough but push their agenda – and they’ve done it by not being concerned about semantic purity. If you want to win, sometimes you have to do things that make you hold your nose.

  8. PS- I know that no one gives a flying whore what I say, but I think 1turd made some very good points about how people need to shut up and do something and take advantage of the momentum of the moment. Werk that lapse honaids!

  9. Poor Madge – your Rhoid is still bothering you? Watch out, it might grow a brain of its own and start talking for itself out of your ass. Just like Vera’s Conscience – it started, too as a little putrid bulge at the top of her head – and look what it has become….

    What an exciting new development for ETHS though – three ladies and two itching blisters discussing politics and fashion. That would really be like The View!

  10. I think, now that vera is on the qruise, Cheryl Merkowski should fill in for her! Wanda, Wadge and Cheryl = Heaven!

  11. People are starting to think that I’m depressed because I’m not laughing out loud (to myself I might add) at work while listening to my mp3 player ….. come back Vera !!!

  12. Good conversation and, once again, Madge’s letting a stream of her inner thoughts out about why she supported the Obama/Biden ticket was really good. This is the kind of thing I think Madge does really well.

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