7 thoughts on “ETHS 67 Sweet and Sour Winkie”

  1. Ladies, thank you immensely for the always wonderful program. I love the way you interact and balance one another. It’s perfect.

    I’m someone that can’t understand why civil unions aren’t more of a priority for the gay community. Getting equality on the books for anyone who wants a civil union really … The word “marriage” seems tied so deeply to religion and honestly if I was a straight person I’d want to be hitched without the church involved too. Marriage can be for a man and woman … let’em keep it …

    I’m of the opinion that you should get a union license from the state to receive your couples benefits and have a personal ceremony in any church, or baseball field or basement you want.

    I guess this is why I remain confused as to why people are so hung up on marriage. Scuttle the word where the government is concerned. It’s too much of a throwback from when it was the only option and the only way to conceptualize the act of unifying and blessing a couple.

  2. Excellent!!
    Although we do have a civil union I will not marry until we have full equality.
    Wanda, “You Goddamn piece of shit” – lol – may I use that as a ring tone? That was hilarious 🙂
    You beautiful ladies just expressed very eloquently to the point what I feel – I just want to let you know what an important, indispensable and wonderful part of my life you and your gorgeous and intelligent shows have become. I could not live without you any longer. I love and adore you xo kb

    PS: Yes I know, my sycophantism just made Madge puke – but look, at least she lost some weight 🙂

  3. FYI – I’m sure it was simply a speaking flub – but Studs Terkel didn’t interview Emmett Till, only his mother Mamie Till after the horrific murder.

  4. When Madge mentioned her experience with people saying the nurses can’t use a computer hit home for me. I work in the medical “industry”, and heard that all time. People can and do change all the time. Thank (the nonexistent) God.

    I think it’s time for another march on Washington. Or at least some acting up. Passivity is too slow.

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