1. I think that Vera has stated in the past that she hates everybody (except Mexicans who live for nothing more than to be the recipient of a “Baroness Smile”!) so her contempt toward our beloved Wanda comes as no surprise.

    It’s a shame that the most interesting conversation in this showgrum came during the last three minutes and then ended all too soon!

  2. I loved this episode!!

    Re: Re: Jerry Lewis… That shit happened here in Australia, but I didn’t even bother to twitter it, he is a mess, he’s surely going to drop off soon enough and once he does I bet other dried figs will come out and say he was a bottom who could never fully accept is sexuality… he is a mess!

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  3. I LOVED this latest production. Thank you, ladies. I believe the tiny abrasion that is felt by the three of you when Skyping together make beautiful PEARLS of podcasts.

    I also laughed when Madge read the moderated comment for Wanda and Vera to hear. How’s that for drawing attention to the negative. But I understand, nice is BORING.

  4. @auntie vera: LOL – I just love your comments 🙂

    I think MAdge is right, the chemistry between you three is unique and breathtaking. I love listening to you, your debates and your personal discussions. Your opinions and characters may differ but this makes it interesting and intense. Don’t ever change.

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