13 thoughts on “ETHS 65 Wanda Wisdom the Martha Stewart of Lancing Boils”

  1. Wow!
    Madge’s rant about the Stimulus Package!
    Pure sonic gold! I had to rewind and listen to it 3 times!

    Vera… Not so very much on fire this time around, too much politics I suppose. However, stellar comments overall!

    Wanda, great job of hosting! And that body modification story… Mmm!

    Solid ending by the way! Hot hot hot! 😀

  2. About the insurance…been there and here is the info.

    You have to run out your Cobra before you can qualify for the state plans. Then you will be eligible. We went through this in 2001-2003 and our monthly cost was over $800 for the family. When we finally exhausted the Cobra, we got on the BC plan and that started out at $600/month for the family but has increased to over $800/month and now I can’t afford it anymore.

    So I pay out of pocket, my 2 drugs yesterday cost me $130 for one month. The doctor bill for one visit is about $300 so I go only if I have to.

  3. Just clarification: in Britain, the NHS does include dental cover but it’s not tremendously easy to get. Most dentists accept only a small number of NHS patients, and there are often long waiting lists to become an NHS patient – they just took me off the waiting list after four months. You also pay £16 ($30) for each consultation, and then either a standard rate of £48 ($about $95) for minor dental surgery and £190 (about $380) for major dental surgery. There is also often long waits for surgery – I waited about three months earlier this year for a root extraction under general anaesthetic.

    NHS dental cover is free for children and the elderly, and students and those on benefits (etc.) get discounts from the standard rate. Overall, it’s not bad. It could be a lot better – I don’t see why dental care is treated differently from any other medical care, and the level of cover isn’t very consistent (I live out in the countryside and have had far less difficulty than I would have done if I was living in a city).

    A lot of people, especially those with particularly bad teeth* or particularly well-paying jobs, pay for private dental insurance.

    * There is a myth that the British have bad teeth. We don’t. We have normal teeth. It’s Americans, who pay ridiculous amounts of money and endure many hours of painful surgery to make their teeth look like a cheesy, whiter-than-white grin from a soap powder commercial that I would consider rather weird.

  4. Madge, don’t pay for the Cobra. You will come out ahead for whatever routine care you have including medicines if you pay yourself versus paying the Cobra premiums monthly. If you should happen to need hospitalization (hope not) you can buy the Cobra and get retro coverage. Most hospitals would pay your retro Cobra to get you covered and get the insurance to take care of the insurance portion of the bill because the hospitals come out ahead–even paying your Cobra premiums. (I work in a hospital patient accounting department and we do it all the time). Don’t waste your money on the Cobra premiums. And, vote Obama.

  5. You shouldn’t say that they don’t make a swing that would hold Vera. Because they make a swing stand that can hold me. It’s called The Spyder. It’s a portable bondage swing. It can hold up to 800 pounds.

  6. wanders, i have chopped off many weird growths. you’re a woman after my own pus-filled heart! off to pop some crazy boil on my nose…seriously…wish me lucks!

  7. I am glad that Madge keeps reminding everyone that I am still alive. I am sorry that Vera does not understand the significance of teh fig, but whenever you mention me and Vera gets pissed… well… it be making my day ‘nAIDS!

    I enjoy this grum even if I am not on it. Mostly.

  8. Hi gals….could you please turn up the volume a tad on this podcast? I listen to all four of your shows on my commute on the subway in DC, but this is the only show I can’t hear all that well over the rails. I think you three may talk more softly out of respect for the others, but it’s very hard to hear at times.
    Thanks…love all four shows.

  9. Side note to EricNDC and others–There seriously is a hearing epidemic in this country. Ya’ll better start learning sign language now at the rate you keep turning up your iPods… be prepared for major hearing loss in your future. I personally listen to podcasts, etc. using noise-canceling headphones, especially during my noisy commute via bus or elevated train in Chicago. You won’t need to turn up your iPods very much at all if you use noise-canceling headphones. (ain’t I smartz)

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