ETHS 64 Sponsored by Meta-Mucil

A discussion of the usual crap plus a longer discussion of making money podcasting.
Wanda got laidS.


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  1. Very interesting show!
    I wrote this 2000 character post midway into it, just to find out that all I wrote, you girls covered later on…

    This is a complicated discussion, but my opinion is basically this: It’s Your show, you do what ever you want.

    IMHO, podcasting, created as an alternative to mainstream media, is supposed to be free. But, like you say, since mainstream (not saying that you are mainstream) has taken over… why shouldn’t you charge for your show? Those who would pay will pay and you will make a living.

  2. Add in over-drive today, so a 1,2,3’d comment

    1. Amazing show, once again Goyles..
    2. sad that i won’t hear madge anymore without paying. potentially.
    3. i respect that as an artist you deserv compensation for your genius.
    4. i fear that a large amount of people wont get to be introduced to th gravitas-cunt-fest that is YR if it’s HBO-Style
    5. I started listening to YR a long time ago, and kept listening not because everything madge said was great, but because of those moments of absolute brilliance that could stem from anything.
    6. YR introduced me to a nw world of people, and continues to do so. I don’t know how to express that, really.
    7. I hold nothing against any artist who wants to charge for their work. You shouldn’t work for free using your vocal talent, just as i shouldn’t work for free to using my medical knowledge. (I’m not sure how i feel about that statement, but i’m leaving it there)
    8. Because i adore ya’ll, i pose this question: Who is YR, LBR, VSpeaks, ETHS, made for? The listeners, the speaker, or both?

  3. I’d pay to listen to all of your shows, especially Madge, whom I’ve listened to since before the FoF debacle. I know some days all I’ll get is “vagina”, “vagina”, “clitoris”, “clitoris”. But when she’s on her game, she’s fucking hilarious! I long for the rants from days of yore. One of my favorite moments is when she called Barbara Bush Sr. a BIG, FAT, CUNT (YR 232, 9/28/2005) after saying how the conditions in the post-Katrina Superdome were fine for those there since they were underprivileged anyway. That was also the same episode that Madge and Cheryl has some serious phone sex.

    Thanks to Madge, I’ve learned about Democracy Now!, Joanna Newsome, Rapechel, Karmabanque, Auntie Vera Charles, Wanda, and Cheryl Merkowski just to name a few of my pleasures. Hell, blayho has become part of my lexicon.

    I’ve always thought us listeners were spoiled not having to pay for podcasts (at least those created by real artists, not that Ninja bullshit). Now that Madge finds herself in this situation, I’d be honored to pay for her talent.

    PS, fix this fucking comments section….trying to type gray words on a blacque background is pissing me off!!

  4. The Mysterious Universe podcast ( became very popular and the host decided to start charging a monthly fee for extended versions of the show and other additional content. The basic show was still free but Premium Members paid $5 a month for access a different feed with the extras.

    Listeners loved the content and many ponied up the $5. I still think is a great model for making money from podcasting while providing a free alternative.

    Unfortunately, Mysterious Universe is no more. The host was unable to deliver the promised subscriber content, burned out, and eventually cancelled the show.

    So there are perils to selling content and turning a podcast into a business. Producing content can go from being fun to a chore when listeners become customers.

    But I still think the model could work under the right circumstances.

  5. When Ricky Gervais went to paid podcasting, I stopped listening. I just didn’t care to pay to listen to him being an idiot.

    But I would pay $.99 for you to be an idiot. 😉

  6. Speaking of cruises, I just got back from my seven day Mexican Riviera. I was going to send Madge and Wanda some papers with all the on board events, but the airline broke the bottle of vanilla tequila I had wrapped in bubble wrap and 30 lbs of clothing. The papers were all soaked. While they’re still legible, sending em would have been tacky. I will say that they have gyms on these ships in addition to French butter, free gourmet pizza, and chateaubriand with bearnaise green beans.

  7. Madge, you have every right to charge for your podcast if that’s what you want to do. I’m on the fence about paying though. I most likely will if you choose to do that. I just have a problem paying for something that has been free all along. That goes for any podcast. ALso, Vera where do you get off telling Madge she needs to grow up and get a car? WTF? Even if she didn’t live in a major city where a car is not a necessity, it is her prerogative to ridge a bike. And your argument for not wanting to pay for podcasts makes no sense at all. Normally, I can see your point of view on things, however I think you missed the boat on these topics. And can Wanda and Vera stop acting like they like each other, when it’s so painfully obvious they don’t?

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