5 thoughts on “ETHS71 Old Queen Chatter”

  1. Perhaps it is because I am a young woman (25) that the entire cuntversation about the old bags (“movie starz”) was lost on may. It made me want to cut myself aids little bit.

    The most enjoyable park was hearing AVC’s claim that Tom Hanks stole her career. LAWL. That’s rich ‘naids!

    Other than thak, fail. More attacks on AVC plz, more mention of dried fig, and more lyups. Without lyups, all you have is a hole that smells like fish honaye, and ain’t no one gonna eat that hot grum out! OKAAAAYYYYIDS!

  2. Enjoyable program. I LOVED it when you talked about old queens and Lucy & Desi. Probably b/c I am old myself and was a latch key kid who watched lots of TV. And this was the days before cable so we had to watch the reruns on the uhf channels.

  3. For, not so many times, the Rilchs is dead rike!

    I thought I was listening to a recording from the Day Room @ a Florida hospice.

    But then again, I will probably never understand the significance of those 50’s shows with strong wymen for You golden gaymosexuals.

    All the best to You all in the New Year!

    Love and Kisses,
    The Present

    P.S. I absolutely love how You ever so deftly brushed off Wanda’s remark on the genocide, war crimes and apartheid against the Palestinians.

    Israel, USrael. Same difference when Uncle Sam foots the bill.

  4. I love this show, and absolutely love that you guys discussed the life of Miss Luicielle Ball.. I love all three of you fabulous ladies keep making interesting and hilarious shows.

    ps: I HATE this Cheryl, ok maybe not hate but I don’t understand her humor. THANK YOU SOOOOOOO FREAKn MUCH for not having her on the show as a guest.

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